Meet John Ruhlin: Crisp Game Changers Summit 3 Speaker

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We’re just a few short weeks away from Game Changers Summit 3 (November 5-6 in Atlanta, GA), where over 2,500 of the nation’s leading attorneys get together to learn, feast, and connect — and walk away with the tools to massively grow their firms.

If there’s one element of the weekend that stands out from the rest, it’s building relationships. With clients, within teams, and within the community, relationships are what dictates whether a firm will thrive or die.

Building successful ones requires unmatched attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your marketing, internal communication, and day-to-day operations are in alignment with your core principles and in step with the goals of your clients.

The latest speaker to join our lineup knows a thing or two about sweating the “little things.” We’re excited to introduce John Ruhlin, the gift-giving guru.


Who is John Ruhlin?

John Ruhlin never looked at a quota and thought, “I think we can reach that.” He consistently over-delivers and outworks the competition beyond all expectations. At his first sales position with Cutco Knives, John earned an honor that still stands today: the highest sales numbers in company history.

John isn’t just someone who succeeds — he exceeds every goal set along the way. But what makes John truly remarkable isn’t his success; it’s his willingness to give it all away.

Literally… It’s called Giftology.

In 2000, John coalesced his years of unsurpassed sales success into the Ruhlin Group to help some of the world’s largest companies and professional sports teams embrace the power of gift-giving to forge and strengthen their relationships with critical stakeholders.


What John Ruhlin Will Bring to Crisp Game Changers Summit 3

John wrote the formula for top-tier gift-giving in his book Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Retention.

But at the Game Changers Summit, you’ll hear first-hand how the gift G.O.A.T. uses his practiced art to bring the “wow” factor and stand out from the competition — learn how, when, and what to gift to build stronger, more productive professional relationships.

As excited as we are to welcome John to the stage, he’s even more thrilled to be there. At its heart, his organization’s mission is to bring these proven strategies to mid-sized, privately owned businesses like YOUR FIRM.

Be warned: Only apply these techniques if you’re ready to be overwhelmed by referrals and new business.


About the Crisp Game Changers Summit

This year’s Game Changers Summit is the gift that keeps on giving. At the Summit, you’ll find everything you need to drive greater impact in your organization:

  • Actionable insights to grow your law firm
  • Unforgettable connections with the top leaders in the industry
  • The next-level experience you’ve come to expect from Crisp events

Game changing attorneys understand that the best way to serve your clients and community is to maximize your reach and build a world-class team that delivers only the best client experience. And the best source of knowledge is those who’ve gone before you.

John will be joined by some of the most compelling and visionary speakers in the game, including:

  • Trainer to the world’s top athletes Tim Grover
  • Workplace drama expert, leadership & team culture consultant, and best-selling author Cy Wakeman
  • Social media guru, best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Journalist, best-selling author, and speaker Malcolm Gladwell
  • Nationally-recognized trial lawyer and Founder of The Lanier Law Firm, Mark Lanier
  • Crisp Founder & CEO, best-selling author, and host of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast Michael Mogill
  • Operational growth hacker and Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp Jessica Mogill
  • The highly-anticipated Women Legal Leaders Panel, featuring Mariam Kuregyan of Davana Law Firm, Sara Williams of Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, Rachel Flood of the Flood Law Firm, and Samantha Ball of Disability Attorneys of Michigan
  • The Legal Power Players Panel, bringing together major industry names Alexander Shunnarah, Roopal Luhana of Chaffin Luhana, America’s preeminent trucking attorney Joe Fried, and legal marketing expert Harlan Schillinger
  • and many more soon to be announced!

If you’re hungry for the next big move, always pushing yourself and your team toward personal and professional growth, and looking for the community to get you there — this is it.

Welcome to Game Changers Summit 3. Tickets are limited.