Legal Video Marketing Success Story: Angus Lee Law

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Attorney Angus Lee set out to start his private practice, but a major challenge loomed. How was he to stand out from his competition and compete?

A 2-attorney Criminal Defense firm based in Vancouver, Washington, Angus Lee Law wanted to come out of the gate swinging with messaging that a) would brand the firm to make waves and get noticed, and b) allow potential clients to get to know the firm and its attorneys before an initial consult had even taken place.

When evaluating marketing strategies, Angus decided on video to share his message.

Here’s the real-life example of how one law firm grew from day one to quickly become profitable in their first year. This is the story of Angus Lee Law.

The Challenge

law firm video marketing results

The former prosecutor states,

“We were launching a new firm and we needed to make a statement. We also wanted our potential clients to see and hear the lawyers in our firm so they could have a good idea of who we are and how we would represent them in court.”

– Angus Lee (Angus Lee Law)

As with any law firm, the right brand image and message is essential to market the firm and attract high-value clients and cases. After a thorough evaluation, Angus Lee turned to Crisp Video Group to craft his firm’s video marketing content.

As with many business investments, it wasn’t an easy decision to make off the bat.

“As a brand new firm we were initially concerned about the cost of the video and production. But fortune favors the bold, so we went for it and never looked back.”

– Angus Lee (Angus Lee Law)

The Strategy

law firm video marketing strategy

As a former Marine and prosecutor, Angus’ messaging was clear. Wanting to communicate the law firm’s tenacity, we crafted a story showcasing Angus Lee Law’s no-nonsense approach when representing their clients.

With this in mind, we devised a strategy to create a legal brand video to humanize the firm, connect with potential clients, and increase new client conversions via their website and social media channels (e.g. Facebook).

In order to connect with prospective clients, our strategy was as follows:

  • Create a high-quality, cinematic, and engaging video marketing piece to communicate firm value to potential clients
  • Focus on Angus Lee’s backstory as a Marine to highlight his motivation to fight for his clients while simultaneously humanizing the firm to drive an emotional connection
  • Establish firm expertise by highlighting Lee’s experience as a former prosecutor while educating viewers on potential positive outcomes after working with the firm (a dismissal, reduced charges, or a not guilty verdict at trial)
  • Include a client testimonial to build trust and rapport with viewers in similar situations

After devising the creative direction, implementation became the next focus. Using the legal brand video as a conversion tool via Angus Lee Law’s website homepage, here’s what happened…

The Results

Angus Lee Law’s results in the first year of their video marketing strategy:

  • Over 1,000% return on the firm’s legal brand video investment
  • More qualified consultations and a faster consultation process
  • Increased client conversions via the firm’s website and Facebook page

“My video easily delivered a 10X return on investment. When I opened up my firm last April I went about a month or two without the video. It was a slow start.

I put the video on my web page and things have been going steady since then. The cost of the video paid for itself in the first couple of cases. I hear from about 50% of my new clients that they hired me because they knew I was the guy after they watched the video.

– Angus Lee (Angus Lee Law)

Bringing about a 10X ROI in the first year, Angus’ story reflects the power that a Crisp Video can have on a law firm.

Outside of the financial gains, the brand video streamlined the firm’s sales process to create more qualified consultations for the firm.

“The video communicates a great deal of information to my clients before they walk in the door. As a result, I get to spend my case evaluation time listening and not explaining.”

– Angus Lee (Angus Lee Law)

With 1,000% ROI on their Crisp Video investment, a streamlined sales process, and a quickly profitable firm Angus Lee Law’s legal brand video helped the firm achieve their goals and make a mark. And, with the firm owning the content, their one-time investment will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

If you’re looking for a way to differentiate your firm and attract new clients and cases, few choices deliver the results like a video with Crisp. Why? 52% of marketers name video as the type of content with the best ROI, and we specialize in creating video content specifically for attorneys and law firms. We create video content tailored specifically to attract new clients and increase case values from 2 to 10X.

After implementing his video marketing strategy, here’s what Angus had to say about his experience with Crisp Video Group: