Introducing The Crisp Effect: A Challenge for Crisp Clients Committed to Transformational Growth

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ATLANTA — August 5, 2020 — Crisp has earned a reputation of innovation in the legal industry, and this bold law firm growth company just unveiled a brand new challenge designed to reward their most committed clients.

Introducing: The Crisp Effect

This transformation challenge is exclusively for law firms who work with Crisp, and it’s designed to generate and document the most significant transformation each firm has ever achieved.

“I’m challenging our clients to make their largest transformation yet,” explains Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill. “This can involve both business and personal growth — everything from improving their team, client experience, growing revenue, community impact, personal health, or all of the above. Wherever they want to focus their attention is up to them.”

Mogill explains the catalyst for his decision to create a challenge of this nature as being tied to the type of growth he has observed in the lives and businesses of many attorneys he works with.

“To me, transformation isn’t limited to the numbers on a P&L statement — though that kind of growth of course helps,” he says. “But true transformation completely alters all areas of your life. In the case of Crisp clients, those who fully leverage the content and principles that we teach are empowered to grow exponentially. In fact, clients have often referred to this as the ‘Crisp Effect.’”

So to inspire his clients to commit to specific, measurable, transformational goals, Michael developed a concept for a challenge — with a big reward.

Here’s how The Crisp Effect works:

  1. A Crisp client joins the challenge and commits to transforming one area of their law firm and their life. Then they get started documenting their process to achieving it. The Crisp Effect team will send each participating client all the tools and resources needed to develop a strong story and chronicling it on film.
  2. Then, the team will create a video capturing each law firm’s transformation at no cost. When all the Crisp Effect stories are created, a voting period will commence. Peers and communities will vote on which stories are the most compelling, the most transformational, the most impressive.
  3. Finally, the top 10 videos will be featured at the Crisp Game Changers Summit in 2021. The law firms among this group of finalists will have their video featured on the big screen in front of 1,500 ambitious attorneys. An onsite round of final voting will take place, and the winning video will earn one Crisp client the Crisp Effect prize — a reward of unprecedented proportions…

The exclusive prize for winning the Crisp Effect?

The $340,000 Rolls-Royce Ghost

This ultra-luxurious vehicle is hand-built and equipped with top-of-the-line features for an unparalleled driving experience. While Crisp has made a habit of rewarding their clients with unbelievable prizes (from numerous Teslas to a Ferrari and everything in between), things are different in 2020 — and so the newest prize they’ll be giving away is bigger than ever before.

“Life-changing transformation means leaving the ghost of your former self behind,” says Mogill. “So a prize like the Rolls-Royce Ghost felt like the perfect reward for the client with the most transformational story. And because the winner of this challenge is based on who has the biggest transformation (not the most revenue or the largest team), the top spot is open to anyone.”

We can’t wait to see who it is.

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