Time to Push Past Limits: Introducing the Crisp Effect 2022

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Community and impact are two of our biggest motivators here at Crisp.

Every initiative, project, or program we launch is focused around these two pillars.

Our newest announcement is related to both — and strives to push past the limits of what is possible for your firm in 2022. We are committed to celebrating and supporting our valued client community like never before…and leveling up our impact on them.

After eight Teslas, a Ferrari, and a Rolls-Royce, we wanted to truly personalize the prize we reward our most committed clients with. What better way to reward your commitment than with a commitment from our own leader?

That’s right. We are relaunching the Crisp Effect for 2022.

And this challenge is going to be bigger, better, and more impactful than ever.

This second Crisp Effect Challenge is open to all Crisp clients, whether you participated in last year’s Crisp Effect Challenge or this is your first time around. Transformation never stops.

We want to showcase how the Crisp Effect has transformed YOU, your practice, your team, and your life. We want to challenge you to push past your limits of what you thought was possible for your firm in 2022. Most important of all, we want to reward you for taking your firm to the next level.


Meet Last Year’s Crisp Effect Winner

The inaugural Crisp Effect Challenge was incredible. It was moving, humbling, and inspiring to witness dozens of Challengers step up to transform their businesses, support their teams, and serve their communities in new ways.

And it was extremely meaningful to see last year’s Crisp Effect winner Dan Gerl take home the Rolls-Royce Ghost at the Game Changers Summit 3.

Dan’s story (like so many) was absolutely transformational — not just professionally for his firm Puget Law, but his family, his son Jack, and himself personally as well.

Clearly, true transformational growth is more than just a number. It completely changes your life in every way — and the lives of all those around you.

That’s the type of growth we strive to generate for each of you, and we’ve seen it happen time and again. That’s why we call this anomaly the Crisp Effect.


The 2022 Crisp Effect Grand Prize

Say hello to the Tesla Model S Plaid.

This ultra-luxurious vehicle boasts the longest range and quickest acceleration of any electric vehicle in production — making it the highest-performing sedan ever built.

With 396-mile range, 1020 horsepower, and the ability to go from 0 to 60 in only 1.99 seconds, you’ll dominate on the road.

From the inside, the 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system with active road noise reduction will deliver the best listening experience wherever you are…and wherever you go.

But we’re not giving away just any Tesla Model S Plaid.

We’re giving away Michael’s Tesla Model S Plaid.

Don’t worry, it’s still brand new. After all of the cars he’s given away, our fearless leader finally rewarded himself with this titan of all Teslas.

But we thought it would be the perfect Grand Prize for this year’s Crisp Effect Challenge. He doesn’t love the idea of giving away his Tesla (yet — we’re working on him), but we know you will love this unprecedented prize.

So one of you will be taking it home. How, you ask?


How the Crisp Effect Challenge Works

1. Document Your Transformation

We send you the tools you need to create a compelling story to showcase how you plan to push past your limits for your firm in 2022. Show us your business growth, team improvement, personal transformation, and the impact you’ve made in your community as a result of the principles you’ve learned from Crisp.

2. Compete Against Your Peers

Each month we will provide you a new challenge with monthly prizes (last year we gave away a Peloton Tread, PS5, and a $4,000 donation to charity) to help generate content to tell your transformation story. We take your footage and create a video that showcases your story and the barriers you plan to overcome in 2022. The videos will then be put up for a vote to determine which transformation is the most impactful and compelling. It is not about which firm has the highest revenue or largest team, but rather the firm that makes the greatest transformation.

3. Premiere at the Game Changers Summit 2022

The top 10 videos will be premiered at the Game Changers Summit in front of thousands of the most committed law firm owners in America. The overall winner will be voted on at the event.

4. Win the Tesla Model S Plaid

After onsite voting at the Game Changers Summit, the attorney with the top video as determined by our audience will drive off in Michael’s Tesla Model S Plaid.

Why We Do the Crisp Effect

Our vision is to help 1,000 law firms grow their revenue by over $1,000,000 ($1B+ impact) by 2024. Over the past several years, we’ve heard from numerous law firm owners about the transformational impact Crisp has made on their businesses and in their lives.

It’s something they call…the Crisp Effect.

From writing the industry’s best-selling book (The Game Changing Attorney), to launching the #1 podcast for legal market leaders (The Game Changing Attorney Podcast), to hosting the largest law firm growth conference on earth each year (Game Changers Summit), our focus has been on driving the legal industry forward and providing unprecedented support to law firms all over the country.

In last year’s Crisp Effect Challenge — and in working with hundreds of firm owners — we’ve seen that the ones who are truly committed to their goals and vision are willing to do whatever it takes. We want to reward those who are committed to their vision not only for their firm, but also their team, community, family, and themselves.

Join the Challenge

We’ve seen countless law firms transform completely — from struggling solo shows operating out of an attorney’s garage to operational powerhouses with multiple locations and bigger impacts on communities. We’ve seen them come through the worst of the pandemic and all the uncertainty and chaos that came with it.

We know there are even more impactful transformation stories to be told.

Will you tell yours?