How to Set a Goal For Your Video Marketing Strategy

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Video is a great addition to any digital marketing campaign. But it’s best to know what you want out of your video strategy before you actually start production. So, do you want your video to be used to drive more traffic, or increase your conversions?

If you have a great website, but are having trouble with visibility, short, educational videos like this one can be just the thing you need. They are generally optimized for longtail keywords, which are easier to rank for. Creating videos for the various questions your audience asks and sharing them online is one of the fastest ways to build an audience and brand authority.

If you already have the traffic, but aren’t converting as well as you’d like, take a look at producing a high quality brand video. The production cost of these videos is often higher, but featuring an impressive-looking, engaging brand video can improve your conversion rate by nearly 300%!