FAQ Videos: Your Competitive Edge Online

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FAQ videos are your secret weapon in digital marketing.

Providing free and easily accessible information to the public may not seem like a worthwhile investment, but it may be the key to attracting the right customers. Customers who have watched your FAQ video content will know who you are and what you are able to provide for them before they walk in the door.

Keep these key points in mind when crafting a marketing strategy around FAQ videos:

Establishing Brand Authority

Addressing questions that are frequently asked by future clients is a great way to nurture them and lead them to your site. If you know the questions your customers want answered, you will want your brand to appear as soon as they begin searching. By answering these questions, you have the opportunity to build trust between you and your clientele.

By establishing brand authority, you can portray yourself as an expert in your field and differentiate yourself from the competition. While you can do this via text copy on your site alone, with video you have added a layer of personal investment. You are communicating to your audience that you are in touch with them and their concerns.

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What Should I Do After an Accident if I’m Not At Fault? – Payer & Associates Miami Injury Attorneys | Crisp Video Group

Educating Your Audience

Although the internet provides a wealth of information, it may be difficult to find videos that are engaging from start to finish, while also providing educational value. This is your opportunity to distinguish your business. When you create FAQ videos for your brand, you are answering the questions your ideal customers are asking and are already one step ahead from your competitors.

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How Long Does a Water Heater Last? | RS Andrews Atlanta Home Services

By creating videos that address and answer questions, you are alleviating customer’s concerns. If you are providing content that is relevant to them they are incentivized to learn more about your business by heading to your site for more information. These videos are a great opportunity to increase qualified traffic. By the time they reach out to you, they will already have an understanding of the problems they need solved. This will help save time because they will already know that you are a good fit for them.

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Visual Communication

Providing visual information is a great way to engage your audience. Having visuals is extremely important in that it conveys the information more quickly and leaves a lasting impression.

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By having visuals, especially visuals that are instructional, your audience will identify your product as the solution to their problem. “Show” instead of “tell” as often as possible. You want your audience getting the information that they need in order for their concerns to be addressed, but you also need to encourage them to contact you if they have any additional questions and concerns that you brand can address.


By producing FAQ videos for your brand, you are enabling future clients to see the informative side of your company’s offerings. Your clients will always have questions but by having FAQ videos, you can ease the process of gaining your audience’s trust and business. The best way to create optimal FAQ videos is to implement the following:

  • Establishing Brand Authority – Set your brand apart from the competitors; establish the voice of your brand as the authority in your market.
  • Educating Audiences – Nothing will get your audience more interested in your brand than already having the answers to their questions. Use your FAQ videos to educate them.
  • Communicating Visually – By communicating visually, you are more likely to reinforce the information expressed in your text and create an association with your audience.

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