Facebook’s New Video Banners Will Increase Client Conversion

3 minutes to read

Facebook is an incredible tool for reaching the clients you want to work with. Watch our webinar to understand how to use Facebook and Facebook ads to market your law firm.

As far as free/organic Facebook tools go, they just released a new one and that’s what we are talking about today. All business page accounts now have the option of posting a video instead of a picture as your cover photo. (Example above)

This is huge for marketing your law firm, here’s why:

1. Makes an impact instantly!

Making a good impression on a possible client is basically a race. From the second they click on your page, they have the potential to leave and they are looking for a reason to do so – the clock is ticking. According to research by Tony Hail, the CEO of Chartbeat, you have about 15 seconds to make an impression. The Facebook banner has always been a great place to share your most important and newest information because it’s the first thing people see.

With the banner video playing automatically, your firm’s potential for impact happens instantly. No time is wasted because they don’t have to scroll or opt-in to watching it.

Video shares a message much faster than text, so your potential for client conversion has just increased with this new tool!

2. It’s free!

The banner isn’t an ad, this is replacing the photo you have there now (aka the large cover photo at the top of your page). You just need to make sure you are on your business’s page versus your personal profile and this tool is available to you. Thanks Facebook!

3. It’s brand new.

Adopting this tool now shows you are ahead of the curve and will help increase your client’s confidence in your overall competency as an attorney. The overall quality of your marketing reflects the quality of your law practice and this can show you are ahead of the curve. The new thing is only new for a moment though, so get in on this now!

So how does it work?

  • Add video the same way you add a photo banner
  • Must be 90 seconds or less
  • Plays automatically
  • Sound is optional (users can click the volume on in the right-hand corner)
  • Will loop until user scrolls down the page
  • Will begin playing again when user scrolls back up
  • If they happen to click on the banner, it takes you to a library of all your videos

The video can be up to 90 seconds, but we recommend about 30 seconds in length. This particular space is for something quick and easily digestible. This is an intro, the first thing they will see. The video will capture their attention right away, but you don’t want to require it here for too long.

So what if all you have is a longer video? Do you have to create a whole new one?  No. You can use a shorter version of an existing video.

For example, Crisp creates two-minute long brand videos for attorneys outlining their personal story and why they’re the best choice. Along with this, we offer 30-second versions of the same video – perfect for social media. The 30-second version is the right choice for your banner video because it offers that quick introduction. The two-minute length is ideal for your website homepage because we want people on your homepage to experience your whole story.

Point blank, if you are thinking about video marketing, a Facebook video banner should now be a part of your strategic plan.