Crisp’s Referral Program Gift Tiers: Where Do You Stand?

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We’ve been droning on and on about our Client Referral Program — and for good reason! We make it incredibly easy to win exclusive high-dollar gifts. We don’t skimp at Crisp, and our referral gifts are things that you’ll actually want, beginning with custom clothing and ending with an all-expense-paid trip to Napa Valley, California.

It’s Easy to Win Great Referral Prizes

We mentioned it’s easy to win these prizes, but maybe you don’t quite believe the ease with which you can call some amazing prizes your own. So we’re here to tell you exactly how little effort is required of you to land these sweet gifts.

All you have to do is earn qualified referrals. What is a qualifying referral? A qualified referral is simply someone you refer who becomes a Crisp client.

The best way to get started is by introducing Crisp to your friends, colleagues, or that one person you went to law school with who shows up on your Facebook sometimes. You can email us your referral names, pass them along through your project manager, or CC us in an email that you send to your referral. You can find out more about the referral process here.

But first, let’s go over the great gifts you could have coming your way:

One Qualified Referral: The Mystery Box ($500 Value)


Hope you like surprises!

That’s exactly what you get when you receive our Mystery Box, valued at $500, after submitting just one qualifying referral.

We’ll leave it at that — but trust us when we say the contents of this box are worth the suspense.

Two Qualified Referrals: Custom Shoes or Handbag

After two qualifying referrals, you’re eligible to get some amazing designer shoes (for the gentlemen) or a beautiful custom handbag (for the ladies).

Timeless and elegant, you can’t go wrong choosing either of these amazing gifts, and you’re only a couple qualified referrals away from making them yours.

Three Qualified Referrals: Clothing Trunk with Personal Stylist

You want to look as good as you feel, and Crisp is determined to make that happen. All we need from you is three qualifying referrals.

We’re ready to set you up with a personal stylist who will assemble a custom clothing trunk perfectly geared toward your style. Hate shopping but love free clothes?

This is the perfect gift for you because this clothing trunk will come directly to you with no effort required on your part. The personal stylist will do all the work, and you get to reap the well-dressed rewards.

Five Qualified Referrals: Free 3-Month Facebook Ad Campaign

We’re sure you’re aware of the impact a well-run Facebook ad campaign can have on getting your law firm’s content in front of the right audience.

There’s no such thing as free advertising — unless you submit five qualifying referrals. At this tier, we will set up, monitor, and optimize a three-month paid Facebook advertising campaign for your firm. We foot the bill (an $11,000 value) to help you bring in more of the clients you want.

Seven Qualified Referrals: Custom Suit Fitting and Five-Star Hotel

At seven qualifying referrals, we get you out of the office and into a five-star hotel in Atlanta, where you will be fitted for a custom suit. You’ll choose every detail — from the stitching to the buttons.

We’re also going to take you out to a gourmet dinner, where you’ll be showered with appetizers, drinks, and entree after entree. Atlanta is known for having the best food in the South, and we’ll prove that to you.

Ten Qualified Referrals: Napa Valley VIP Trip for Two

Have you always dreamed of visiting Napa Valley? The beautiful scenery, the rolling hills, the endless wine… You can see yourself there now.

Maybe you haven’t wanted to spend the money on such a decadent excursion. but it’s always been on your bucket list. Or maybe you’re a Napa regular, but you’d love the chance to go back. If that’s the case, lucky you! Crisp wants to send you on an all-expense-paid trip to Napa Valley, where you can wine and dine on Crisp’s dime after just ten qualifying referrals.

And finally, our coolest prize yet. Valued at more than $50,000, this is the easiest way you could win something so valuable.

A Tesla Model 3!

That’s right, we’re giving away a Tesla Model 3 to the client who submits the most qualifying referrals. That’s no joke, and we can’t wait to hand over the keys to one of these beauties to whoever submits the most qualifying referrals.

If you think about it, there’s really no easier way to win such valuable prizes, and Crisp wants to give them to you — for free.

To learn more about the referral program, and to get started submitting your own qualifying referrals, visit the referral page. We can’t wait to spoil you!