Crisp Video at the 48th Annual Atlanta Steeplechase 2013

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This past weekend the Crisp Team spent some time team building and networking at The 48th Annual Atlanta Steeplechase horse race. The event took place in Rome, Georgia, and it involved luxury cars, fine food, and amazing athletes. We met some fantastic people, filmed a live event recap video, and took tons of photos. Check them out below!

Event Recap Video from the 48th Annual Atlanta Steeplechase
(see more event recap videos on our website)

Photos from the 48th Annual Atlanta Steeplechase
(full Steeplechase photo gallery available on the Crisp Video Facebook page)

Steeplechase - 004

Steeplechase - 036

Steeplechase - 048

Steeplechase - 055

Steeplechase - 058

Steeplechase - 077

Steeplechase - 085

Steeplechase - 103

Steeplechase - 107

Steeplechase - 113

Steeplechase - 120

Steeplechase - 123

Steeplechase - 129

Steeplechase - 132

Steeplechase - 142

Steeplechase - 148

Steeplechase - 164

Steeplechase - 166

Steeplechase - 187

Steeplechase - 200

Steeplechase - 205

Steeplechase - 223

Steeplechase - 238

Steeplechase - 068

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