Crisp Culture – Vivia

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We asked each member of our team what Crisp Culture has meant to them. This is what Vivia had to say:

“Call me an overachiever, but my whole life has been surrounded by doing the most I can in the least amount of time with the least amount of resources. Ironically (and luckily) enough, I have found a group of human beings who carry that same philosophy. In my previous work experiences, the culture was always half and half; half of everything would be awesome (the people, the work, the communication amongst the team), and half of everything else would be…not so awesome (the other people, the other work, the lack of communication amongst the team). I’ve never met a group of people who work as hard, as much, and as dedicatedly as my co workers. I spend (sometimes very extended) work days with these people but would gladly talk and spend more time with them on any given basis on any given topic.

So if I had to categorize the culture at Crisp using one word, it would be unique. I think the relationships and friendships we’ve built are rare, and I’m continuously impressed everyday with what everyone brings to the table.” – Vivia

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