Crisp Culture – Connor

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We asked each member of our team what Crisp Culture has meant to them. This is what Connor had to say:

To me, Crisp Culture revolves around the interpersonal communication with everyone on the team. Michael places a lot of importance on team spirit, not just through helping each other in our work but connecting on a personal level as well. I learned more about everyone in the office in my first month interning here than I learned about half the staff at my last job, which I had for a year.

The culture also promotes an open dialogue, so that instead of having a workspace where you are forced to keep your problems to yourself, you feel that your concerns can be addressed and your needs will be met. I feel that many other production companies would put you through an impersonal, grinding process if you were to suggest changes or improvements to be made. The close-knit community in the office enables everyone’s voice to be heard and personality to dictate the course of the company.” – Connor

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