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  • You have high expectations.
  • You demand a lot of your firm and yourself.
  • You’re prepared to take on more cases.
  • You’re not afraid of change.
  • You’re open to being led but unwilling to compromise quality.
  • You’re serious about growth.
  • You’ll make serious investments to get a serious ROI.
  • trending 30% INCREASE IN REVENUE
  • people 30% CASELOAD INCREASE

“Crisp Coach has introduced me to hundreds of lawyers. <strong> It’s helped me learn about how to run my practice more efficiently and how to lead my team more efficiently. </strong> I’ve been introduced to the digital space, the social media space, leadership, and finance. They really teach you the business side of it, the energy side of it, being consistent, and all the tools necessary to be successful.”


Crisp Coach Member

  • people 100+ TEAM MEMBER INCREASE

“The beauty of Crisp is that the Crisp team leads by example and inspires. There is a certain caliber of attorney who is attracted to that — and some are just plain too scared — and you have to be honest with yourself about what you really want. If you are truly committed and execute on what you learn, you’ll get a lot out of it. If you are just looking for the next ‘quick and easy’ thing, then save your money and time (and let us know when you find it, but you’ll likely find the fountain of youth first).”


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