All This Could Be Yours: The EVOLVE Summit Prizes

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The EVOLVE Summit is just around the corner, and there’s so much to be excited about.

The riveting speakers,
The surefire strategies,
The dance breaks…

But let’s get real for a second.

You want to win sh*t.

While we have no doubt that the EVOLVE experience will be a reward in and of itself, we wouldn’t be putting on the best virtual event in the legal industry if we didn’t add a few extra prizes too! We’re giving away $250,000 worth of six luxury items, four high-end vacations, and a grand prize of your dreams — so read on to learn more about the magnificent things that could be yours.

Luxury Raffle Items

This isn’t your grandma’s bingo raffle.

Rather than offering tacky knick-knacks to gather dust in your closet, we’re giving away six classy prizes that will add value to your work and leisure time:

iPad Pro Work and chill like a pro. iPad Pro
AirPods Pro Tune out the bad vibes (and noises).
Oculus Quest An all-expense-paid trip to…anywhere. Oculus
MacBook Pro Your office, travel agent, photo gallery, and more…wherever you go.
iMac Think (and work) different, available in your choice of purple or blue.
Tumi Bags Kick off travel season in style Tumi

Exotic Travel Destinations

Most summits would call it a day with those six giveaways. But you should know by now that EVOLVE isn’t like most summits. In addition to those exciting raffle prizes, we are giving away airfare to four breathtaking vacation destinations:

Costa Rica: find out how it earned the name “rich coast.”

Costa Rica

Maui: say aloha (goodbye) to the office…and aloha (hello) to the beautiful Hawaiian beach.


St. Kitts: forget the pirates…you could be the Attorneys of the Caribbean.

St. Kitts

Mexico: once your plane goes south, your spirits will go north.


Unparalleled Grand Prize

Any of the above could be yours, but are you ready for the GRAND prize?

The 2021 EVOLVE Summit Grand Prize is…

A VIP exclusive trip to Cabo!


What does “VIP” actually include?

  • First class round trip flights, because the best adventures require plenty of legroom.
  • Private transportation to and from the airport, so you don’t need to waste a second of your adventure trying to find an Uber.
  • Luxury villa at The Cape resort, so your home base is as glamorous as the most picturesque excursions.
  • Personal concierge service, to tap into the utmost potential of your time in Cabo.
  • Private beachside dinner for two, an enjoyable experience that’s pleasing to all five senses.
  • Tequila tasting for two. Now might be the time to call that Uber.
  • Beach cabana with custom couples massage. How do you say “Ahhh” in Spanish?

We’re major proponents of positive visualization.

Close your eyes and just imagine yourself lounging on the stunning beaches of Cabo.
Margarita (or two) in hand.
No calls, no emails.
Just the soothing sound of the waves and the enchanting aroma of the warm, salty air.

This experience could be yours.

And here’s how:

Attend the EVOLVE Summit.

That’s it. The Grand Prize and other trips and treats will be given away at random, so make sure that you are present for the entire two-day event. Not half paying attention, half scrolling through Instagram…you must be on camera and fully engaged.

Only VIP Access or Team Evolution ticket holders qualify for the Grand Prize, but the rest is available for all EVOLVE attendees.

If you’re ready to create these memories that will last a lifetime, clear your calendar and tie up all loose ends so that you can devote 100% of your time and energy to the EVOLVE Summit on June 24 and 25.

You might just leave with the trip of your dreams.