3 Reasons There is Nothing Better than Video in Marketing

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Digital marketing is a constantly evolving landscape. To stay relevant, you need to set yourself apart from the pack in any way possible, and simply pouring money into ad spend and SEO isn’t enough to drive conversions. You need to hook your audience’s attention immediately before they move elsewhere on the web. If you value ROI, doing video the right way is an invaluable investment for your business and your secret weapon for online marketing. Here are a few reasons why:

Create a Personal Introduction

First impressions are very important and videos are essentially a personal introduction for audiences to your brand. By creating a Brand Overview video, you get the chance to highlight your company’s products and services. The overview video also gives you the opportunity to convey a tone that is consistent with your brand. Within your brand videos, you can answer questions like:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • Why should you contact us?
  • Where can you find us?

attorney video marketing

Angus Lee Law – Legal Brand Video – Crisp Video Group

It can be a demanding task to get people to understand who you are and what you do based on a couple of sentences or a wall of endless text. By having a visual introduction, you can build a personal connection before meeting in person, thus building a relationship. Once you have a completed video not only can you embed it on your website and promote it on social media you can also include it in your emails. In doing so, you have added a layer of professional authority as well as a personal touch beyond your communication that would otherwise be text-based.

Brand Authority

With many competing videos circulating on the web, it can be easy to create a sense of white noise when it comes to online marketing for your audience. In order to combat this, you need to instill in your audience that you are worth sharing, following and working with. Once you have created an introduction video, you can explore the ways in which your brand can establish its authority within the market.

legal video marketing

Jocelyn Stewart – Military Court-Martial Defender – Crisp Video Group

Using video is a great way to establish brand authority. When using video, you can explain your brand’s mission, product designs and details on services that are offered. Incorporating these themes within your video will showcase your brand’s desire to stay relevant by informing audiences about its passion to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing digital landscape. One of the best ways to highlight your brand authority is to create FAQ videos. To better convey your sense of brand authority, try incorporating the following in your videos:

  • Address a common question asked about your brand’s products or services
  • Provide answers that are helpful to your audience and addresses their concerns
  • Include a CTA (call to action) to incentivize your audience to learn more by seeking you out.

Paid Reach

When using social media, boosting your post on Facebook is another great way to successfully market your videos online. The boost option serves as a way to combat the unpredictability of organic reach.  Facebook offers this feature to help increase your exposure, which will allow a wider reach to your audience for your videos.

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Facebook videos will also play automatically, which is a huge advantage because you can catch people’s attention as they are scrolling through the feed. If you upload or embed videos on Facebook from another platform such as YouTube, they will not play automatically once they are embedded on Facebook. Therefore, it’s less likely for you to capture your audience’s attention within that split second time frame when they scroll past the post. Bottom line, if you are using Facebook, embed natively to Facebook.


There is nothing better than using video in marketing. Video is powerful, emotional and can make people feel more connected to content as opposed to blast them with mounds of text. Videos are a great way to get your content visualized in a way that will get people noticing, too. This approach is especially effective in any brand’s marketing strategy.

To recap, the 3 most important reasons that there is nothing better than video marketing are:

  • Creating a personal introduction  – Explore your brand’s culture and throw in some sneak peaks to products or services.
  • Establish brand authority – Update your customers on what’s happening in the marketing and why your brand is staying ahead of the curve by letting them know first.
  • Get more with paid reach – With the help of social media sites like Facebook’s paid reach option, you can see your video’s visibility increase with a boosting option for your video posts.

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