3 Best Practices in Dental Video Marketing

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Having a strong online presence with video is one of best advantages of digital marketing. Many companies are migrating to video marketing strategies in order to boost their brand awareness and it has been proven to show significant results.

In order to maintain a successful dental practice, you need to be able to properly brand your office and engage your audience. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through video. By having dental videos that market your practice, you not only are raising brand awareness but you are also generating content that helps get patients through the door, sets you apart from competitors and can saves you money in the long run.

The following are the best practices in dental video marketing that you can use in order to see a successful return on your digital marketing investments.

Showcase the Culture of Your Team

In order to set your brand apart from other dental practices, you will want to fully showcase the culture of your team. Nothing will set you apart more than showing your audience why your dentistry is unique amongst the competitors. In order to successfully create a perfect snapshot of what life in the office is like, you should showcase the following:

  • How your staff engages with each other
  • Your staff interacting with clients before, during and after procedures
  • Staff working with dental equipment, setting up appointments, working the front desk, etc.


These are important aspects to address when crafting your dental videos. Addressing these interactions will better help you paint a picture of what kind of practice and services you offer. By showcasing your company culture, you are showing your audience what kind of atmosphere your brand is cultivating, which can help new clients decide if your practice is right for them. For example, if your practice is more family-focused, you can showcase your staff interacting with patients and their families. Showcasing your company culture is not only important for your brand authority, but it will also communicate to future patients how you will interact with them.

Don’t Confuse your Audience

When creating videos for your dental practice, in all your excitement to get your practice noticed, it can be easy to include too much information into one video. This is a mistake many offices make and it can have negative consequences on your marketing. By spreading out your content and focusing on one aspect for each video, you are less likely to confuse your audience and lose their attention.

A great success story in dental video marketing is the case study of Tyrone Family Dentistry. They initially produced one video, which showcased their commitment to the community through their participation with Dentistry from the Heart. However, Tyrone Family Dentistry wanted audiences to see more of their practice, such as their innovative implant procedures and spa-like environment.

In order to successfully accomplish this, Tyrone Family Dentistry created a video marketing strategy that allowed them to produce more videos that went into more detail about these services. In each of these videos, they were able to devote the time and detail to these services, which helped increase their online exposure and nurture leads. It pays to take the time to spread out your videos; you don’t want to risk losing any important information by cramming everything into one video.

Convey an Inviting Environment

It’s a fact that dentists, patients and everyone alike knows: almost everyone fears going to the dentist. This can also be used as a positive angle you can take when creating your dental videos. Most dental practices will produce videos that solely show the equipment or sometimes graphic procedures being performed on patients. This approach should be avoided at all costs. It creates fear with the viewer because they are making negative associations with that dental practice by having their worst fears realized by watching these types of videos.

This isn’t to say that you can’t show off your practice’s cutting-edge equipment or procedures. Instead, show it in a way that is welcoming, informative and most of all, not intimidating. By conveying a soft and inviting environment in your video, you are allowing your potential clients to make positive associations with your practice. You can do this by focusing on staff interacting with patients in a cozy waiting room, comfortable dental chairs, TV’s playing either movies or informative dental videos for patients, etc. Keep these items in focus as they convey comfort and distractions from the equipment and procedures. Also, use soft lighting and positive client testimonials as they are great ways of reinforcing your practice’s inviting environment. Finally, when you are filming your patients and staff, don’t forget to tell them to smile. Not only is this an opportunity to show the benefits of your products but it re-enforces your practice’s inviting atmosphere.


Having videos for your dental practice is a great way to get your brand noticed online and implement a successful digital marketing strategy. In order to see the best results possible from your videos, you will need to follow the best practices possible in dental video marketing.

To recap, here are those best possible practices that you can use in your dental marketing videos:

  • Showcase the Culture of Your Team –  Show your company culture and what life is like in the office.
  • Don’t Confuse Your Audience – Don’t cram too much into one video. Spread it out so you can be detail-oriented about your services.
  • Convey a Soft and Inviting Environment – Combat most people’s fear of the dentist and create a warm and inviting environment for your potential patients.

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