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The personal injury lawyers at Broussard & Hart represent clients from Lake Charles and the rest of southwest Louisiana in court and during settlement negotiations. For more than three decades, their attorneys have fought for clients to get full and fair compensation when they suffer harm due to accidental or intentional injury.

As law firm marketers, we looked to highlight a few of firm’s unique characteristics in this brand video. For example, Steven Bruoussard’s background as an elected judge for 18 years is an advantage he brings to clients. He provides a distinct benefit because he can analyze cases from a different perspective. Combine this point of view with his partner’s engineering experience and his son’s skills in the latest trial technology, and you have a one-of-a-kind legal combination.

The emotional connection is also key to this video’s messaging. This factor often isn’t addressed by law firm marketers who overlook the human side of the legal profession. We strived to show that Broussard & Hart’s attorneys share many of the same characteristics as their clients.

One advantage we had is that video itself creates emotional connection. This happens because our brains naturally mirror what we see when watching video – it’s just as if we’re part of the action. In fact, you likely experience this fact when watching movies. You feel the emotions displayed by the characters.

Fortunately, legal video works in a similar manner, which is why it’s such a powerful resource for today’s law firm marketers. You can tell your story, showcase your legal services and share your clients’ experiences — all in just a few minutes.

We’ll show you how to get started. Simply sign up for one of our free one-on-one legal video marketing strategy sessions. We’ll walk you through the process of creating compelling video for your law firm and give you ideas for getting your message in front of high-quality prospects.

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