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The root of any problem is people. solution is people.


Get back to doing what you do best.

Investing in skilled staff isn’t just about addressing your immediate problems. It lays a foundation for ongoing growth. So we focus on people who are aligned with your firm’s values and work culture. This way they make a meaningful impact from the first day.

Time Spent on Your Weaknesses 80% Time Spent on Your Strengths 20%

Great employees exist but we often settle far before we ever meet them.

In most cases, law firms have a limited pool of candidates to choose from, especially for specialized roles. So it’s easy to settle for the best candidate among your available options, even if they’re not the ideal fit.

Challenge 1

Time Constraints

Hiring is a lengthy process, especially when it involves multiple rounds of interviews and assessments.

Challenge 2

Pressure to Fill Vacancies

Open positions put stress on existing team members and affect productivity.

Challenge 3

Inadequate Processes

This causes you to settle for candidates who are easy to find or who apply for your role, rather than selecting the best talent.

Avoiding bad hires requires a detailed recruitment and selection processes. You must define your job requirements, seek out diverse candidates, and prioritize long-term fit and potential over short-term expediency.

You’re not competing with other lawyers for top talent.

You’re competing with every company in America.

How the Crisp Talent Acquisition Process Works

You must stand out to compete for the best candidates in today’s expanded recruitment landscape. This requires a strategic approach that showcases your firm as the choice for top-tier talent. Our recruitment strategies position your practice to appeal to A-players and their goals.


Clarify job expectations and requirements

We collaborate with you to identify the requirements and responsibilities for your open position. This step is crucial in attracting and evaluating the right talent. Key aspects include:

  • In-depth analysis to identify your specific hiring needs and role specifications
  • Clear outlining of responsibilities and non-negotiables for each role
  • Detailed job descriptions, interview questions, and test assessment development
  • Criteria setting for candidates, focusing on necessary experience, skills, and core value alignment

Identify and reach potential candidates

We seek out individuals who consistently perform at a high level and offer valuable skill sets. These people are then matched to your Ideal Candiate Profile. Key aspects include:

  • Methodical process for identifying and attracting ideal candidates
  • Use of advanced tools and resources for robust candidate search
  • Thorough vetting of candidates through the Crisp Hiring Funnel to ensure alignment with your ideal candidate profile
  • Utilization of established assessment tools like Kolbe™, PRINT®, and Wonderlic® for in-depth candidate insights
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    Targeted Talent Search
  • icon-2-phone
    Phone Interview
  • icon-6-files-wonderlic
    Test Assignment and Wonderlic®
  • icon-5-square-check
    Test Assignment Graded
  • icon-kolbe-print
    Kolbe and PRINT®
  • laptop
    Zoom Interview with Crisp Team
  • person-circle-check
    Crisp Recruit Team Lead Approval
  • icon-10-references
    Background Check
  • icon-3-file-lines
    Candidate Presented
  • icon-9-interview
    Final Onsite Interview

Assess skills and cultural fit

At this point, you get to assess skills, cultural fit and overall suitability. Individuals who reach this stage have already gone through an extensive interview and assessment process. So you have the essential information needed to make an informed hiring decision.

Key aspects include:

  • Prepping for final-round interviews.
  • Meeting your candidates in person.
  • Completing background and credit checks.
  • Assisting with offer letters and offer calls.

Integrate and develop your new hires

The purpose of this phase ensures a seamless integration into your law firm. We make sure your new hire understands their role and acquires the skills necessary to perform effectively. Key aspects include:

  • Development of structured onboarding programs, enhancing early engagement and commitment
  • Establishment of a progressive training schedule, including 30-, 60-, and 90-day benchmarks for each new hire
  • Crisp Experience Membership Trial: Comprehensive team training to develop your new hires
  • Crisp Academy Access: The 24/7 virtual learning platform that includes our proprietary tools library and online courses

The Team You Build Is the Company You Build

Crisp Experience is a tailored training solution for your team — and your one-way ticket to accelerated growth.

This program aligns their individual goals and aspirations with the mission and vision of your organization in order to generate solutions and drive bottom-line results for your law firm.

  • icon-chat

    Empower your A-players to specialize in their unique abilities and maximize effectiveness in their roles.

  • icon-progress

    Send your best people to hands-on experiences that will equip them with the latest in their specialty — and the tools they need to positively impact your business.

  • icon-target

    Leaders on your team build relationships with like-minded legal professionals from firms around the country, access Crisp Academy (a vast library of additional educational tools and resources), and keep you in the loop every step of the way.


Customized Training Pathways


Legal Marketing Mastery

Ideal for anyone involved in marketing in your firm!

You learn:

  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing Strategy

Client-Facing Excellence

Taught in partnership with the Ritz-Carlton!

You learn:

  • Intake Best Practices
  • Client Conversion Tools
  • Client Experience
  • Client Engagement

Operational Expertise

Ideal for anyone working with people development or talent acquisition in your firm!

You learn:

  • Hiring & Training
  • Company Culture
  • Team Alignment & Engagement
  • Office Management

Executive Assistant Specialty

A necessity for your right hand in the firm!

You learn:

  • Calendar Optimization
  • Effective System Development
  • Communication Management
  • Strategic Assistance & Support

The Perfect Match Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll LOVE your new team member. If for any reason they don’t meet your standards in their first 90 days, we’ll find a replacement at no extra charge.


Hire the BEST
Not just the best available


Executive Assistant


Operations Manager


Director of Client Experience


Operations Coordinator


Client Experience Manager


Director of IT


IT Specialist


IT Manager


Director of Finance


Accounting Specialist


Accounting Manager


Director of HR / Head of People


Systems Administrator


Data Operations Manager


Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Office Manager




Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


HR Manager


Director of Operations


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Our Results

Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys

Law Firm Owner

“Managing a team of hundreds of people comes with so much stress and drama. I was taking every problem home with me. Hiring Shae as our Head of People gave me the freedom to no longer worry about people issues and instead focus on the future.”


Alexander Shunnarah
Founder & CEO



Hired as Head of People


The recruiting process was extremely structured. The recruiter explained everything clearly and was always responsive. I came in knowing that this role was a perfect fit for me and I was able to make a difference from the moment I started. They really set me up for success.”

Available to Crisp Coach Members

Crisp Recruit is currently only available for law firms in the Crisp Coach program.

Ready to accelerate your growth?

With limited seats and an exceptional caliber of growth-minded law firms, we are extremely selective about who we allow to join.

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