How to Market Your Law Firm to Millennials – in partnership with Lawyers of Distinction

Millennials are not all selfies and avocado toast.

Ready or not, Millennials make up the largest generation in America — and the most powerful consumers in the market.

To keep up with the changing legal landscape, your law firm needs to understand how to reach and connect with Millennials.

If you’re not adapting your marketing to appeal to the 80+ million Millennials in the US, you’re missing out on a valuable segment of the market, which is costing you valuable cases and clients.

Join Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill for a game changing webinar on how to market your law firm to Millennials.

Presented in partnership with Lawyers of Distinction and moderated by Chase Williams of Market My Market, this webinar will show you:

  • The defining characteristics of the Millennial generation and how they are searching for attorneys today
  • How to leverage your social media efforts to reach and engage today’s ideal client
  • Actionable strategies to reach Millennials, improve your marketing, and boost ROI

After you watch the webinar, make sure you download our free eBook, The Social Media Cheat Sheet for Law Firms here.

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