How to Keep Your Law Firm Stagnant: Strategies You’re Already Using (and Why You’re Losing)

The legal industry is crawling with “expert” after “expert,” each promising you wealth, success, and a growth rate that will earn your law firm countless awards and accolades — but in reality, these charlatans don’t even understand what’s causing your law firm to stagnate in the first place.

Michael Mogill has seen the inner workings of hundreds of law firms large and small — and he’s identified the common, easy-to-miss behaviors that prevent those firms from growing and reaching the next level.

In this tongue-in-cheek 90-minute intensive, you’ll learn:

  • How you — and only you — are holding yourself back from turning your goals into reality
  • The specific actions you’ve been taking (or not taking) for years that distract you from your long-term vision
  • Counter-intuitive strategies that you THINK help you grow, but actually make it harder for you to make progress
  • What you can do NOW to reverse your fortune and start growing — rather than continue to stagnate

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