Empathy at Work: Three Steps to Greater Profitability with Immediate Results

Sherry Stewart Deutschmann is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author of Lunch with Lucy: Maximize Your Profits by Investing in Your People…and one badass boss.

How badass? She built a $40 million company that was named an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company in the country for 10 straight years — and she did it by putting her people first.

Sherry’s unorthodox, employee-centric leadership practice removes hierarchical dynamics and revolutionizes work culture, leveraging empathetic leadership to put the needs of your people above those of shareholders and clients (yes, really) — and generating huge profits as a result.

In this exclusive online workshop, she dives deep into her three steps to greater profitability with immediate results:

  • Transparency. The key to building trust and employee engagement.
  • Listening. How time spent listening to your employees will change your life….and theirs.
  • Profit-sharing. A revolutionary profit-sharing plan that drives MORE profit.