Ditching the Drama: A Modern Leadership Approach in Uncertain Times

Cy Wakeman is the world’s top expert in eliminating drama in your workplace, creating a culture of excellence, and instilling the kind of accountability that leads to real progress in your law firm.

In this exclusive online workshop, she dives deep into:

  • The role of a leader in profound uncertainty
  • How to empower your team to operate with optimum resilience and minimum drama
  • The best way to keep your team focused on the work at hand — and evolve to be better than before
  • How to move team members from surviving to thriving
  • What it takes to mine challenging experiences for personal and professional development

To access the official notes capturing the key takeaways from this workshop, click here to download.

We’ve heard from countless law firms that they struggle to get enough buy-in from their teams. An overall resistance to change and lack of accountability and sense of ownership can be huge limiting factors to a law firm — especially during all-hands-on-deck situations like the coronavirus crisis.

In this free on-demand training, Cy will equip you with everything you need to know to step up, buckle down, and be the leader your organization, clients, and community need you to be.