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Project Overview

O’Mara Law Group is a nationally recognized law firm led by renowned attorney Mark O’Mara. Based in Florida, the firm specializes in federal and state criminal defense as well as high net worth divorces cases. Additionally, O’Mara has gained notoriety defending Americans all over the country in high profile civil rights cases.

“We have a national presence handling civil rights cases, particularly those citizens hurt or killed by interaction with law enforcement or while incarcerated,” O’Mara explains. “We are also involved in leadership of national Mass Tort matters.”

As a born trial attorney with a passion for obtaining justice in the courtroom, Mark O’Mara realized he spent so much time and energy practicing law that he was neglecting those areas of running a law firm that support long term, sustainable business growth.


When asked about the most rewarding aspects of owning his own law firm, Mark’s answer is no surprise. “I am at my best handling the complications of the cases, while shepherding the younger lawyers through those complexities based on my years of experience,” he says.

But his biggest challenge? “Balancing my love of being in a courtroom with the reality that I have to be leading the firm and rainmaking.”

O’Mara knew he often had trouble, in his words, “wrestling himself away from the day-to-day case specific work” to invest time and attention into managing and growing his law firm, and he was also looking for a network of like-minded, high-caliber peers to develop new referral sources.

The answer? Partnering with Crisp and joining the prestigious Crisp Coach group.

The challenge I was looking to solve [by joining Crisp Coach] was largely a better focus on utilizing all the blessings I’ve been given with a national presence and voice.

Mark O'Mara


The core of the Crisp Coach program brings together a group of high-powered law firm owners to share experiences, challenges, ideas, and strategies — just what O’Mara was looking for. He was able to tap into a network of growth-minded 7- and 8-figure law firm owners and connect via hands-on workshops (some virtual, some in person) as well as exclusive online communities to stay in touch between events.

Additionally, each Crisp Coach member receives individualized coaching that focuses on goal-setting, accountability, and building a strong business foundation to achieve each law firm owner’s vision. Through a regular rhythm of strategy sessions, accountability calls, and onsite trainings like PRINT and Kolbe, O’Mara has equipped himself and his team with valuable strategies, systems, and processes to improve their operations across the board.

Of course, no Crisp program would be complete without the world-class video marketing component members have come to expect. As part of his Crisp Coach membership, Mark O’Mara also partnered with Crisp’s expert production team to develop a strategic library of cinematic, results-driven video content for his law firm.

Next, the experienced ad management team at Crisp implemented advanced and comprehensive marketing campaigns to saturate the major digital channels with O’Mara Law Group’s messaging.

Crisp Coach is wonderful at keeping our focus on the big picture and maintaining the core values of the firm as we make decisions on firm growth, staffing changes, and particularly addressing the unique (and opportunity-laden) times we find ourselves in.

Mark O'Mara


After launching his Crisp Social Stack campaign, O’Mara almost immediately felt the positive effects of leveling up his firm’s digital marketing efforts.

“I constantly get comments from lawyers, clients, and the public about our social media presence — both the quality and the quantity,” he says.

That social presence isn’t just for show. O’Mara has noted the direct impact the additional video marketing has had on his bottom line as well.

“Our footprint has grown online, and that brings in the cases and the clients, which brings in the increased revenue,” he elaborates. “We’ve had a significant revenue increase in 2020, even while many colleague firms have been suffering and/or shuttering. We are up 30% or so in revenue and caseload.”

The impact isn’t only external, either. O’Mara notes several internal improvements he and his team have been able to make by leveraging the full breadth of resources available through the coaching program.

The emphasis on team development provided by onsite trainings and access to Crisp Academy, the popular online training platform Crisp Coach member firms can use for their teams, have also reaped many benefits for O’Mara Law Group.

“The team has grown much closer as we have the tools (Kolbe, Print, etc.) to understand each other and the team as a whole,” says O’Mara.

Additionally, he’s honed his own leadership skills and business acumen as part of the work with his coach as well. He continues, “Consistency in approach to transformation guarantees it,” Personally and professionally, Mark cites a major area of impact in “allowing a greater focus on working on the practice, not in it.”

Ultimately, the partnership with Crisp Coach and the new relationships O’Mara has made with other member law firm owners have contributed in numerous quantitative and qualitative ways as well.

The results are undeniable, and I truly enjoy both sharing with and learning from the Crisp team and the Crisp community,” he says.

“It’s a bit like being in a gym with other people working out, or on a racetrack with other great drivers. You learn to focus on the benefits given by every conversation, and you get to help those struggling through what you may have survived already.”

  • 30%

    Revenue Increase

  • 30%

    Caseload Increase

The future of the legal industry is more agile, more mobile, and more digital. The old cruiseliner firms are going to sail off into the sunset while the smaller, faster ones that can change course when need be will thrive. These are days of great opportunity, or great fear...choice is yours.

Mark O'Mara


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