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The last few years have proven that anything is possible, and it’s taught people all over the world to always expect the unexpected. The second we become complacent is the second that everything could fall apart, and those who have built their business from the ground up could suddenly lose it all.

While every profession has seen its fair share of problems, one could argue that the legal landscape has been one of the most affected industries on the planet. Since the pandemic people have been spending less time in their cars driving to work, and many have gotten rid of their vehicles altogether.

Because of this major lifestyle change, law firm owners like Adam Cohen of Ticket Crushers: A Law Corporation based in San Francisco, California were afraid they might be out of options. From DUI cases to traffic tickets to criminal defense charges, Ticket Crushers handle a variety of suits.

But committed law firm owners like Adam have never been afraid to do things differently, and that’s exactly what he planned to do in this situation.

Though he wasn’t quite sure where he needed to start, he knew he had to be relentless with marketing Ticket Crushers to the world. If potential clients didn’t know his firm existed, how could they know where to find help?

Next, he understood that as a leader, he had to be a master when it came to delegating and managing his time. The success of his team depended on this, and during such a stressful period, he wasn’t sure how or if he could step up to the plate — but he had to try.

As time went on, Adam realized that being a leader during such unpredictable times required some strategic assistance. He knew that, though he’d been running his firm well enough for some time, he needed to keep pushing to become the leader his team needed him to be in this new era.

How was he going to address all of these issues and live up to the expectations he and his team had for himself? How was his law firm going to be successful as it once was?

With time, Adam eventually found the right path that led him to partnering with Crisp — and you won’t believe the changes that Ticket Crushers has experienced since then. Read on to find out exactly what happened.


“My biggest challenge is the stress of knowing I have people like our team and our clients depending on our success,” confesses Adam. “I’d been bogged down in tasks that could have and should have been delegated much sooner. To top it all off, unplanned problems kept interrupting our progress and organization as a whole. We needed help.”

While some may have shied away from the seemingly insurmountable task, Adam was up to the challenge and immediately got to work.

After some research, he discovered that the Crisp Coach program was exactly what Ticket Crushers needed in order to restore its former glory. He invested in his team, his firm, and himself and was ready to get started.

Crisp Coach is an application-only program for law firm owners who are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to grow their firms, and from the very beginning of his journey, Adam knew he was in the right place to turn things around for good.

While there were many things about his firm that Adam looked forward to updating, his main goals were to:

  • Build a stronger brand awareness
  • Delegate and manage his time better
  • Run his firm like a CEO

The best news was that Crisp promised to help him achieve that and more — and luckily for Adam, his firm was well equipped with great team members and clients, but it was time to bring all of it together to create one cohesive unit.

When it came to his brand’s awareness, he knew he had been successful in the past and had the power to become that way once again. Due to the decrease in traffic violations in general, however, Ticket Crushers wasn’t generating the business they were used to. Since this was the case, they knew they needed to step up their marketing efforts in order to ensure those in need of their services were aware of their existence.

On top of getting the word out, Adam wanted to delegate and manage his time in a more thoughtful manner. As a natural born leader, he always possessed the ability to capture an audience, but he needed a more organized approach to doing so.

When it came to running his law firm like a CEO, Adam had to avoid the trap of viewing his law firm as just another business and going through the motions. He was ready to step up his leadership game to earn the respect of his team and colleagues alike, and he was ready to do it with Crisp by his side.

So, was Adam able to rise to the challenge? Was it possible to create all of the changes necessary to make Ticket Crushers the go-to traffic law firm in California?

See for yourself…

After attending the Game Changers Summit, we were sold. We knew that Crisp could and would help us turn our small, local firm into something we could market nationwide — and they delivered.

Adam Cohen


After identifying the major problems in his firm and himself, Adam was ready to get his partnership with Crisp underway — and right off the bat, they made great strides together.

That’s because Crisp Coach promised to help him:

  • Become a true competitor in his market
  • Provide the tools to set his firm apart from the rest
  • Achieve transformational growth
  • Create scalable processes
  • Make strategic decisions
  • Curate a world-class client experience
  • And so much more

To begin his transformational journey, Adam was matched up with his own personal Program Advisor (PA). This is the partner who would coach him through the ups, downs, and everything in between on his way to transforming his firm.

Through accountability check-ins and regular meetings, the pair devised a growth plan with goals and milestones set up along the way. With insightful ideas and actionable strategies in place, Adam and his coach began implementing new ways of leading into the existing Ticket Crushers structure.

You might be surprised to learn that all Crisp coaches are more than just coaches — they’re a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand when you need one, and the best motivator you’ll ever meet. They do so much more than just help your law firm grow, and most people in the Crisp Coach program can’t believe how valuable of an asset they really are.

“My coach, Aaron, has been just as much a coach as he’s been a law firm therapist. He doesn’t just tell us how we can be better; He actually helps each of us talk through our issues and find ways to fix what’s going on,” assures Adam. “He’s there for us whenever we need him to be, and I can’t imagine life without him at this point.”

In order to increase his brand’s awareness, Adam worked closely with Crisp’s world-class production team to hone in on Ticket Crushers’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP). This is what sets a law firm apart from its competition — and it’s not created at random. Instead, the strategy behind a firm’s UVP comes from within. Adam took the time to reflect on what makes him and his practice different from other lawyers in his industry and what attracts people to him over any other option.

The answer? Adam has always seen his firm as a safe place for the little guy who doesn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a traffic ticket, but also wants to avoid the hassle of court. According to their website:

We know that your heart skipped a beat when you saw the red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. You got a little nervous when the officer asked you for your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. But the real discomfort started when you drove away with the traffic citation in your hand. Every time you think about that traffic citation, you start to wonder how much it will cost you in time, money, and frustration. Although paying the ticket seems simple enough, you know that paying the ticket might be the most expensive way to resolve the case, because you can hire a lawyer to exercise your legal rights.

In order to make sure the unique, compassionate message of Ticket Crushers got out, Adam welcomed his own Client Success Manager (CSM) and Cinematographer/Editor to his firm to film a series of strategic videos for his marketing library, including the extremely valuable legal brand video. This video would capture the essence of the company, community its UVP with emotionally-compelling storytelling, and prove to potential clients why Ticket Crushers was the one they could trust.

Once Ticket Crushers’ brilliant brand video came to life, it was time to get relentless with marketing it. That’s when Adam collaborated with his CSM to leverage a custom-crafted powerful social media campaign through Social Stack. This would ensure their brand would be highly visible with their ideal clients, establishing a relationship and building the trust needed to attract high-value clients.

Adam’s CSM would provide him with regular updates, metrics, and optimization in order to ensure that his law firm was getting as much attention as possible in all of the right areas, making changes as necessary whenever and wherever needed.

But Crisp Coach isn’t just about helping law firms put their best foot forward — it’s so much deeper than that.

Thanks to new organizational tools and strategies learned from workshops at the state-of-the-art Crisp Training Center, Adam brought back new ideas to his firm to help him delegate tasks to his team and step into his role as visionary leader. He has also learned how to tell the difference between urgent tasks that must be done immediately and less important tasks that can be done at a later date. This has helped him manage his own time, thus managing his team’s time in a more efficient manner in the process.

Crisp Coach has also helped Adam meet new colleagues, friends, and referral partners, growing his network in a major way. From workshops at Crisp HQ with fellow Crisp Coach members to a 24/7 online community of like-minded attorneys, he’s been able to learn from some of the best law firm owners in the business, and it’s helped him become a better leader in his own right.

Sometimes all it takes is that first step toward committing toward yourself and your goals to realize what you’re truly capable of.

From his very first call with his PA, to the first time he stepped foot at a Crisp Coach workshop, Adam knew he had found his people — so where is he now since partnering with Crisp?

Sit down for this one…

The last quarter of the year for revenue in our firm was excellent, but I still don’t even believe that’s been the greatest reward. The real benefit of Crisp has been the coaching we’ve received since our first day in the program. Our internal operations are at the level of an eight-figure firm, and we know that we’re right on the tail of finally becoming an eight-figure firm in reality.

Adam Cohen


Since joining Crisp Coach, it’s clear that not only has Ticket Crushers become a stronger organization overall, but Adam has become a better leader, a better law firm owner, and a better person in the process.

“My partnership with Crisp has paid off in many ways,” states Adam. “For starters, I’ve learned how to properly run a law firm. While I may not have thought I was doing anything wrong in the first place, Crisp Coach showed me many different ways of teaching and leading my own team. I’ve officially grown into a leadership role in my own firm, and I’ve realized that it is possible to do the things we set out to do.”

Crisp Coach hasn’t just changed the quality of Ticket Crushers, however. It’s also changed the numbers behind the whole organization.

“Thanks to the pandemic in 2020 and everything that subsequently followed, traffic ticket signups were slow across the board,” reflects Adam. “Every traffic firm has seen a decline in new cases, and while that’s negatively affected so many firms, we’ve only grown. The videos that we created with Crisp have enabled us to become a way more effective DUI firm with each one of our potential clients. During our final quarter in 2022, we saw a 25 percent increase in revenue compared to the same time period last year.”

In addition to some killer statistics, Ticket Crushers can officially say they’re operating smoothly, efficiently, and effectively each and every day. It starts from the top with Adam, and thanks to his coaching with Crisp, he’s learned to coach his own team to delegate, optimize, and organize their schedules to work in the most ideal fashion.

“Like so many other law firms, we struggled with multiple different aspects of our firm, but mainly with our operations,” says Adam. “We didn’t have a structured way of working, and that’s what ended up hurting us. But now, I’ve never realized how far along we have come since partnering with Crisp. Today, I see other lawyers experience the same struggles as we did and it’s an eye-opening experience. We are now able to compare things we are doing today with other successful firms, and that has truly opened my eyes to what we have been doing right and what needed to be changed.”

Adam is someone who is never complacent, and he’s going to keep doing everything he can to grow and become better than yesterday. He’s always looking toward the future, and he’s preparing himself for any challenge that comes his way — including a few he’s got his eye on.

“Artificial intelligence and non-lawyer firm ownership are the future of the legal industry, and thanks to Crisp, I’m more ready than ever for when the time comes,” articulates Adam.

Whatever the future holds, we know it will be bright for committed law firm owners like Adam and hard-working firms like Ticket Crushers, and we can’t wait to see where they go from here.

  • 25%

    Revenue Increase

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There is never a right time to do something. You can always talk yourself out of it; But the best advice I’ve ever read goes like this: If you have to convince yourself to do something, don’t do it. If you have to talk yourself out of doing something, you should probably do it. And I believe you should join Crisp Coach.

Adam Cohen


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