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Project Overview

The Flood Law Firm was founded by brothers Brian and Christopher Flood in 2012. Due to the fierce advocacy for individuals who have been unjustly harmed and taking on powerful adversaries such as insurance companies and large corporations, the firm quickly became a symbol of justice throughout Connecticut. “From the outset, our mission was to champion those who couldn’t fight for themselves,” Brian explains.

At the helm of the firm, driving the mission, vision, and values, sit not only Brian and Christopher but also Rachel Flood, Director of Operations and wife to Brian, who ensures The Flood Firm runs smoothly and efficiently. For her, running the law firm is more about the impact the team makes in each other’s lives and in the lives of those in their community.

“The opportunity to make a real difference every day — not just for our clients but also for our team and community — is the best part of owning our firm,” said Rachel.

Together, the three have led the firm in championing against powerful adversaries such as insurance companies and large corporations for more than a decade. As the firm expanded, its leaders continued to focus on its foundational mission while also recognizing the need for evolution to amplify its impact.

The most challenging part of running a profitable firm is avoiding the complacency trap that leads to a business plateau. As The Flood Law Firm leadership team evaluated their options and the road ahead, they realized they needed to make a major change in their firm to set themselves up for a successful future.


Brian and Rachel knew they needed to do whatever it took to stay ahead of the competition, which meant always evaluating their current standing in the marketplace and driving innovative ideas forward. “The biggest challenge is to continually strive to grow, evolve, and better ourselves for our clients and our team,” affirmed Rachel.

They identified two areas they wanted to focus on to elevate the practice: the firm’s culture and capabilities. With a goal to foster a culture that was both client-centric and results-driven, Rachel and Brian were eager to take action to build the firm of the future.

Building a strong firm culture required The Flood Law Firm’s leadership team to realize that building a firm of the future required top talent, but they also realized that it was becoming more difficult to hire A-players (and keep them). “One of our biggest obstacles is the labor market, which is extremely competitive,” Brian noted. “We have to continue to invest in our firm to attract and retain top talent.”

The Flood Law Firm always found success in the courtroom, but it was the business side of running the firm that left them stumped. They wanted to learn how to run the firm like a business with streamlined operations, established processes, and strong hiring practices.

In the midst of an increasingly demanding legal industry, law firms are under pressure to continually invest in providing top-tier legal services and client care while expanding their business.

Finding a partner who could seamlessly integrate into their team and dedicate the same level of care and attention to their issues as Rachel and Brian provide to their clients became paramount.

So, they turned to Crisp.

Driven by a forward-thinking approach, the couple sought partners who could help bring their vision to fruition, ultimately resulting in their collaboration with Crisp in 2019. Through Crisp Coach, they felt empowered to meticulously define how to address all facets of their law firm that required optimization and adjustment.

A strong culture impacts every aspect of the firm, and without it, achieving great results and sustainable growth is impossible.

Rachel Flood


When Rachel and Brian initially partnered with Crisp, they wanted to focus on building their firm’s brand awareness, so they opted to invest in a Brand Video and paid advertising through Crisp Social Stack.

Leveraged together, the video content they received as well as the boost their brand saw through Crisp’s relentless digital marketing helped them better establish their foothold in their market.

Within a few months of working with Crisp, Brian and Rachel realized that they wanted to take their partnership to the next level. So, they embarked on a new phase of growth for the firm by joining CrispX, the coaching program designated for law firms with $20M+ in annual revenue. They were immediately given untapped access to resources that would help them reach their ambitious goals.

Through CrispX, the couple were able to expand their resources to include not only a Brand Video and social media marketing but also access to:

  • Expert guidance from a coach who served as an accountability partner for helping the firm meet its milestones
  • Superior attorneys so Brian and Rachel could see how other firm owners run their practices and dominate their markets
  • Workshops covering an array of topics — from hiring and establishing performance metrics to leveraging AI for optimizing workflows
  • Team member professional development to empower A-players to specialize in their unique abilities to maximize effectiveness in their roles
  • Onsite Trainings designed to help law firm owners maximize buy-i and engagement while crafting a clear, unified firm vision
  • Meetings with Crisp Founder and CEO Michael Mogill to give them insights he has gleaned from running a $100M+ business
  • Mastermind program exclusivity, where members can openly share, knowing their firm is the only kind in the room


Through workshops, meetings with their coach, and strategies learned from those in their expanded network, The Flood Law Firm was able to address its most pressing need: creating a strong firm culture that would give the firm the edge it needed to set its client experience apart.

“The most valuable lesson we have learned from Crisp has been the importance of culture in a law firm. A strong culture impacts every aspect of the firm, and without it, achieving great results and sustainable growth is impossible,” Brian remarked.

In addition to being able to create a results-driven work environment that prioritized the client, The Flood Law Firm took full advantage of being surrounded by growth-minded law firm owners at Crisp events. The Crisp Coach community provided them with so many advantages that they never anticipated prior to their collaboration with Crisp.

“Having a network of like-minded law firm owners has been incredibly beneficial,” Rachel said. “Sharing experiences, ideas, and advice with others who understand our challenges has been invaluable. We’ve also built a referral network of high-quality attorneys across the country, which has been instrumental in our firm’s growth.”

But the good news doesn’t stop there.

Rachel and Brian both agree that it’s hard to pinpoint just one area where Crisp has made the greatest impact. The Flood Law Firm was able to address its hiring needs, streamline operations, enhance its client experience, and ensure that its team was aligned with the firm’s mission and vision.


The Flood Law Firm’s decision to partner with Crisp has produced excellent results. The firm is experiencing success and transformation at all levels.

They have seen a 50% increase in client intake and 40% boost in revenue in the past year, demonstrating the power of strategic collaboration and the pursuit of improvement.

“Every year we continue to grow and find ways to improve our firm. We are still learning from Crisp even after years of the program. In the past four years, the number of cases per month has increased by approximately 67%,” shares Brian, reflecting on the firm’s remarkable progress.

The Flood Law Firm now has the culture Rachel and Brian always wanted. With Crisp’s guidance and resources, they have found that their team dynamics align with their firm’s values. They assessed their hiring process to ensure they were attracting the best talent for every role. Through the work with Crisp, the firm has completely transformed its hiring process and grown its team by 40%.

“Nearly four years ago we were a team of approximately 30 people and while we had great courtroom success we had little operational structure. Now, with 75 team members, we’ve transformed every facet of our firm,” said Rachel.

The biggest surprise, however, has been how streamlined operations and a strong firm culture positively impacted their daily business and enhanced their client experience, leading to an increase in direct cases and referrals.

“Investing in our firm and partnering with Crisp was undeniably the right move. It has helped us assist more clients, improved our team dynamics, streamlined operations, and fostered a more enjoyable company culture. We’ve also had the opportunity to connect with and learn from many great individuals who have contributed to the growth and success of our firm.”

This story of growth and strategic evolution at The Flood Law Firm serves as a powerful reminder of the outcomes possible when vision, commitment, and the right partnerships align. The couple’s final remarks of gratitude and recognition of the firm’s journey, “The growth we’ve had would not have been possible without Crisp. We appreciate every person on the Crisp team and each coaching program member who has been part of our journey.”

  • 67%

    Increase in Cases

  • 40%

    Boost in Revenue

Our partnership with Crisp has profoundly impacted every aspect of our firm. Four years ago, we were a team of approximately 30 people and while we had great courtroom success we had little operational structure. Now, with 75 team members, we've transformed every facet of our firm. The biggest surprise was how streamlined operations and a strong firm culture positively impacted our daily business and enhanced our client experience, leading to more direct cases and referrals.

Rachel Flood


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