Meet the 2023 Excellence in Client Experience Crisp Game Changer Award Winner

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The 2023 Game Changers Summit was for Crisp Coach members only, and the event was largely crafted around celebrating the accomplishments of those firm owners.

Throughout the two-day Summit, Michael and Jessica Mogill took the stage to recognize the most committed members for their incredible transformations and contributions this year.

Winners of these brand-new, highly prestigious Crisp Game Changer Awards were determined based on specific results each firm generated, each leader’s commitment to their goals, and more.

While Firm of the Year Awards at each level (ELITE, PREMIER, and CrispX) were reserved for Day 2, four firm owners were celebrated on Day 1 for Excellence in the following categories:

  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Excellence in Firm Culture
  • Excellence in Community Impact
  • Excellence in Client Experience

Congratulations to Craig Greening and The Greening Law Group team for taking home the Excellence in Client Experience Award!

Meet Craig Greening

Craig Greening grew up on the east side of San Antonio, “where people didn’t have the resources to hire an attorney who cared about their case and their life,” as he describes. “They also didn’t have an attorney who understood where they came from and the fight or flight mode they constantly lived under.”

Craig knew early on that he had a gift to connect with the people who needed him most. He leverages that gift every day in his firm The Greening Law Group, a criminal defense group headquartered in College Station, Texas. Due to the firm’s proximity to the Texas A&M campus, they handle their fair share of college students charged with DWI and drug cases, but manage federal cases all over the country as well.

From the first consultation with his clients, it’s clear that Craig understands them and they can trust him. The connection is genuine.

“I’m a giving person,” he says. “I tip too big. I hire people I shouldn’t because I want to give them the chance. I care for the stray cat or dog. I say yes when I should say no.”

He traces the source of that intrinsic generosity to the reality that he was given something that his brother wasn’t. “He was paralyzed and mentally disabled. I always felt like I was living my life only because I was a second-born and not first. So I live my life to pay it forward to those who didn’t have the extreme luck I had,” Craig explains. “That is my why. I am here to help others win in life, no matter their luck or past mistakes.”

Client Experience at The Greening Law Group

“When a client comes to our firm, they are often going through the hardest time in their life,” says Craig. “It’s important that we exercise patience, understanding, and kindness throughout the entire process of their case.”

The Greening Law Group’s goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for each client while they are battling the negativity that comes with facing a criminal case. Their mission statement is “Winning where it matters: in the courtroom and in life.”

“Every case we handle is not just a legal matter; it’s a life, a future, and a family’s well-being at stake,” emphasizes Craig. “We are committed to achieving success in the courtroom, but also to inspiring success in every client’s life, beyond their case. This dedication to client success drives us to consistently strive for excellence in every aspect of our service.”

Inevitably, this dedication to clients results in success for the firm. With better results, Craig has the opportunity to expand his practice, reaching more people in need of strong defense and support. With each client represented, The Greening Law Group not only gains valuable experience, but also gains the resources necessary to tackle more complex cases and represent their clients at a higher level.

“Our firm truly cares to see our clients succeed, not just when fighting their case, but throughout their lives long after. We celebrate graduations, marriages, births, promotions, and much more with our clients because we genuinely want to see growth for every individual we come into contact with,” shares Craig. “Many firms hope for success for their clients in the courtroom, but few care about life outside of the client’s case, and that’s what makes The Greening Law Group unique.”

The Greening Law Group Now

Through both Craig’s participation in the PREMIER program and his team members’ participation in the Crisp Experience, The Greening Law Group has gained many invaluable insights and acquired a toolkit of transformative strategies that have significantly impacted their approach to the client experience the firm provides.

Before implementing targeted efforts to enhance the client experience, Craig’s approach was characterized by a lack of structure and a crucial absence of dedicated specialists.

“Prospective clients and new clients faced much uncertainty, with little guidance on what to expect and how to navigate the legal process,” he explains. “One glaring shortfall was the absence of dedicated intake personnel, resulting in a lack of a centralized and structured intake process. Prospective clients weren’t met with a specialized team to guide them through their initial inquiries, leaving them unsure and at times overwhelmed by the legal complexities they faced.”

Additionally, The Greening Law Group team lacked a defined and consistent intake process, which often resulted in confusion and gaps in communication.

“Clients didn’t have a clear roadmap of the onboarding process or know what steps would come next, leaving them in a state of confusion and frustration,” reflects Craig. “Furthermore, our approach lacked diligent follow-up with leads, causing potential clients to slip through the cracks at a concerning rate.”

This lack of follow-up not only impacted the firm’s conversion rates but also left potential clients feeling undervalued and unheard. The absence of a structured onboarding process meant they were left in the dark about the progress of their case, unsure of what steps to take, and often feeling lost within the legal system.

Recognizing these gaps, Craig and his team committed themselves to redefining their client experience. Their dedicated efforts have since revolutionized the way we interact with their clients, providing clarity, structure, and proactive guidance every step of the way.

Now they focus on efficiency and effectiveness. Craig and his team have developed a well-defined intake process, enhanced their online presence with honest client reviews, leveled up their dedication to their clients both in their case and in life, and more.

“We began by developing a comprehensive Client Journey Map, detailing every step an individual may take when first hearing of our firm, all the way through the resolution of their case, and beyond,” explains Craig. “This helps us define the common pain points for our clients and identify innovative solutions to address those problems. Our process is streamlined and efficient, prioritizing client satisfaction at every step.”

To provide the best possible experience for our prospects, Craig also invested in new software, began putting team members through intake and sales training, and spent countless hours refining their process for the better.

“The value of emphasizing client experience is evident in the reviews left by our clients expressing gratitude for our team’s part in their lives,” he continues. “Our firm now boasts the most reviews for any law firm in our area, setting us apart from our competitors. These reviews serve as a testament to our commitment to each and every client that chooses to work with our firm, enabling prospective clients to understand what they can expect when considering The Greening Law Group.”

Incorporating these initiatives into his firm’s efforts have not only enriched the experience of Craig’s prospects and clients, but has also helped him establish a strong reputation of trustworthiness and commitment.