You Don’t Need Permission to Grow

2 minutes to read

Ask yourself: Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Was it so you’d have to ask permission every time you had a new idea to grow your business? Probably not.

Many times I’ve seen law firm owners who want to invest in training and developing their team, expand to a new office, or invest in their marketing and technology…but they’re hesitant because they want to get input from their wife, their husband, their dog, their uncle — you get the point.

I have a problem with this.

Why would you need to ask someone else’s permission to grow YOUR business?

If you feel that you do, then you may need to hand over the keys and switch to the passenger seat.

The reality is, you can’t defer those big decisions to your team or others who don’t have the same skin in the game nor the same incentive structure as you do.

Asking for permission to grow — from others within your organization, family, or even friends — is a BACKWARDS approach.

You first and foremost have to be decisive.

Plain and simple, if you’re trying to get a buy-in from everyone else on your team, then you will be limiting your growth. If you are depending on other people to give you permission to make growth-minded decisions — yep, you guessed it — you WILL be limiting your GROWTH.

It all comes back to this: Remember WHY you started a business, why you became an entrepreneur, and ultimately who that ownership falls on.

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