Why Are You Resistant to Change?

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If you look at the businesses that have continuously sustained as leaders in their market, you’ll notice one common trait — their ability to adapt and CHANGE. Don’t you want to be among the ones who chose to innovate instead of those who allowed fear to get in the way of their progress?

Check out Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill’s most recent thoughts on why change is a good thing and what you risk if you resist it.

The great Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “There is nothing permanent except for change.”

As a business owner, change should be an inherent part of everything that you do. Why? Change is progress and evolution.

For example, there was a time when all videos were shot on film. Then, as time went on the industry shifted over to digital. Not everyone in the industry was receptive to the move to digital — and as a result, their business did not survive.

Another example is the change from landlines to cloud-based phone systems. Especially now, we’ve seen a massive shift, as everyone has had to make the switch from in-person meetings to virtual and Zoom meetings.

Plainly, change is synonymous with growth.

Society was made to evolve — and year over year as time passes by, we make decisions differently.

Look at Blockbuster or Blackberry, two companies that said, “You know what? We are not going to change what we are doing,” and as a result, they met a very steep decline, and ultimately they’re not with us anymore.

This is not to say change is easy. We see business leaders that are resistant to change and people within an organization that are resistant to the change the organization is doing — but as our needs expand, we want to expand our capabilities. We want to do more for our clients. We want to continue to be competitive as an organization.

As Cy Wakeman would say, “When you are resistant to change, you’re really resistant to reality, and we all know that’s a waste of time and energy.”

If you are not changing, you are preparing for retirement. When you are retired, you are put out of use — and that can happen to you, to your organization, or to people within your organization. Do you really want that?

One of our core values here at Crisp is “Better Than Yesterday.”

Our expectation is that every team member grows — that they are better this month than they were last month. They were better this year than they were last year. Their capabilities have grown, their knowledge has grown, their skills have grown — and if that is not something that someone is interested in, then they do not align with our core values and they do not have a place within our organization.

In order to be successful, you must be able to adapt. If we are not adapting, we will be left in the dust.

I would encourage you to not just think about why change is important, but change your entire mindset of what change is. If we’re not changing, we’re not growing. If we’re not growing, what’s the point of all this?

Businesses were built to grow.

When we are changing, we are growing and evolving. This creates new possibilities, capabilities, and it will take us into a greater future.

If you agree or disagree with anything Michael said here, he wants to know about it. Text him at 404-531-7691 to share your thoughts.