What You’ll Learn on Day 2 of the Game Changers Summit 2022

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The Game Changers Summit is a career-changing event bringing together 5,000+ of the nation’s top attorneys.

This year, we outgrew every venue except for one — the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

You’ll take the field (literally) alongside attorneys from every practice area and every market, from $500,000 to $100M in annual revenue. Over the course of the two-day event, you’ll hear from the most successful attorneys, coaches, entrepreneurs, and business minds in the game.

If you haven’t seen what Day One has to offer, start here. Day Two pushes forward with leverageable knowledge on building a recession-proof law firm.

What is a Recession-Proof Firm?

There’s an inevitability coming to the legal landscape: a nationwide recession. Building a recession-proof firm means positioning your practice to survive and thrive no matter what challenges come your way. That’s what potential clients and potential new hires are looking for. If you’re firm can’t keep up, they’ll look elsewhere.

A recession-proof firm is based on two main elements: strong leadership and empowered teams.

Day Two of the Game Changers Summit is full of the knowledge necessary to get you there.

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What to Expect After Day Two

No More Costly Bad Hires: Discover the best hiring secrets for building a team of high-performing A-players.

A Framework for Exponential Growth: Streamline infrastructure and processes that grow as you grow.

Feel Good about Stepping Out of the Day-to-Day: Eliminate drama on your team and create a culture of clarity and accountability.

Get Back to Focusing on What Matters: Deliver a world-class client experience that creates such an intense desire for your services that your competitors seem inferior.

Unlocked Potential: Scale your law firm into a multimillion-dollar powerhouse, regardless of your current firm size or market share.

Peace of Mind: Establish longevity and sustainability in your practice, so you can have faith it will run with or without you.

Build Your Legacy: Develop a succession plan that sets your firm up for success.

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This Year’s Speaker Lineup

Arnold Schwarzenegger (elite bodybuilder, actor, producer, and former governor) on turning vision into reality by overcoming every obstacle.

Kevin O’Leary (entrepreneur, author, venture capitalist, “Shark” of ABC’s Shark Tank) on creating more value in your law firm’s business to attract investors.

John Morgan (founder of the largest injury firm in America, Morgan & Morgan) on building a recession-proof law firm of the future.

David Goggins (best-selling author, former Navy SEAL, elite endurance athlete) on hardening your mind, building resilience, and cultivating the mental fortitude to push past every barrier.

Cy Wakeman (workplace drama & leadership expert, best-selling author) on eliminating workplace drama, improving your firm’s culture, and leveling up your leadership.

Laura Wasser (entrepreneur, elite divorce attorney) on how to attract the best clients and get the most exclusive cases.

Joe Fried (renowned trucking lawyer) on finding your niche and positioning yourself as a thought leader.

Jan Dils (leader of the largest female-founded law firm in America) on the power of betting on yourself and going all-in.

John Uustal (nationally-recognized trial lawyer) on leaving a positive legacy by taking on the “unwinnable” and holding corporations accountable to improve consumer safety.

Jessica Mogill (Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp, who’s trained 1,000+ businesses nationwide) on fostering communication and collaboration with your team to build the most productive environment within your firm.

Michael Mogill (Founder & CEO of Crisp, best-selling author, law firm growth expert) on what the most successful firms in the nations are doing right now to grow their practice.

Game Changers Summit 2022 lineup

Want to take Mercedes home with you?

We’re also giving away a Mercedes Benz G-Wagen to one attendee LIVE at the Summit — and all you have to do is get your ticket now to be in the running.

Before You Go

After two days of insights and connections, you might want to rush back to your firm — but the Game Changers Summit will have one more surprise in store.

End your experience on a high note as Grammy award-winning artist, Boyz II Men, play us out on Night Two.

Who is the Game Changers Summit For?

The Game Changers Summit is designed for attorneys looking to remember why they decided to practice law, level up every aspect of their firm, and build a brand that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Attorneys who attended previous Summits reported over 50% revenue increase the following year.

If you’re ready for rapid growth and to build a recession-proof firm with exponential impact — this is your event.

November 2-3, 2022 in Atlanta, GA. Be there. Tickets will sell out.

Game Changers Summit 2022