Becoming the Obvious Choice in Your Market: A Conversation on Trial Lawyer Nation

2 minutes to read

Crisp Video Group founder and CEO Michael Mogill was recently featured on the widely trusted, highly regarded legal podcast Trial Lawyer Nation to talk about the wisdom shared in his book The Game Changing Attorney and everything else he’s learned on his journey to become the one of the nation’s leading legal marketing experts.

To get Michael’s best guidance on defining your unique value proposition, communicating it through engaging video, and getting the most out of your law firm’s videos all in one comprehensive resource, check out The Game Changing Attorney. This is a book you’ll want to keep on your shelf to pull out every step of the way.


We at Crisp admire Trial Lawyer Nation for its mission of providing value to ambitious attorneys beyond just legal expertise. Podcast host Michael Cowen and his community understand that there’s so much more to being a successful lawyer than just being good at practicing law. From episodes on mindfulness to recruiting to effective communication, this is a show that is full of actionable wisdom for every step of the journey.

Michael’s conversation, featured on this episode, is all about how to become the obvious choice in your market. He and Cowen discuss the best ways to differentiate yourself with storytelling and how attracting clients with emotional connection is infinitely more impactful than the old advertising cliches lawyers have been using for decades. They also had a chance to touch on how to stay top of mind, the cost effectiveness of digital advertising, and even a few legal marketing predictions for future trends.

Listen to Michael’s episode right here, on Trial Lawyer Nation‘s website, or on your podcast platform of choice (iTunes, Stitcher). And let us know what you think!