The Secret Formula to Using Video for Marketing

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“I wonder if anyone is ever going to see this…”

This is a terrifying thought to have if you are knee-deep in the process of shelling out big bucks for a video and putting forth the effort it takes to make a high-quality product. It also isn’t something you should have to worry about after the upfront legwork is done. If you’re going forward with video the right way, you have addressed this problem before anything is shot (the more preparation the better). The whole reason to produce a video is to create an invaluable component when marketing yourself or your brand.  There is a right and a wrong way to using video for marketing.

There are three key things to make the most of your time and money when using video in marketing.

1. Figure out what your goal is, and execute it.

Seems obvious, right? Well, it’s amazing how easily this will get pushed aside as you dig deeper into the complex technical challenges of a campaign. It is important to keep your goals in mind throughout the process of marketing because it will dictate every decision that has to be made. As Reel SEO says, “defining success depends on what you wanted in the first place.”

2. Make it Look Good

Everyone is a critic, not just video experts. Video is a cosmetic medium, and showcasing your product in an attractive way is crucial. Personifying your brand by including people in your video to represent it can build trust and brand authority.

Quality visuals are not only important for video production, but for exhibiting the video as well. An incredibly cinematic video can be ruined if it is embedded poorly on your site or poorly edited after filming, which makes it all the more important to seek out professionals.

3. Share it Through the Right Channels

Keep in mind the vast number of ways that you can share your video with others. Here are a few that come to mind:

That isn’t to say you should immediately blast all of these channels with your video once it’s finished. Each channel is unique, and people have different expectations for the content from each one. If your video is a 90 second practice showcase shot in beautiful widescreen, this is not going to play well on Instagram without some revisions, because Instagram plays by its own set of rules. On the other hand, uploading an Instagram-optimized video to YouTube is going to be jarring to people who notice that the video is super brief and isn’t shaped normally. As a rule of thumb shorter is better, but you should also tailor your content to your medium.

In short, if you keep these things in mind before you make the video, you are saving yourself a world of trouble later on when you do not have to reshoot your video or reshape your campaign.

How do you approach your video marketing? Let us know in the comments below!

While you are in the pre-planning stages of your video marketing campaign, you will want to make sure that you avoide these common mistakes.  Here are the rules that we live by, and we are making them totally free to you!