The Best Advice I Ever Received

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Do you want to know the best advice I ever received?

When I was starting my first business, there was so much information out there and so many people giving me information and advice — everything from how to grow a team and hire to how to market and build a business.

The best advice that I ever received — and it still holds true to this day — is to stop taking advice from people who don’t have the results.

The barrier to getting advice is fairly low, but the actual quality of that advice can vary.

Everyone that I take advice from is doing better than me in the area that I’m taking advice in.

If you’ve got a service-based business and your goal is to grow your business to $1M+ in revenue, a great person to get advice from is someone else who runs a service-based business that’s grown it to $1M+ in revenue.

How many of you have been told by those around you that you need to relax, you need to take it easy, or that you work too hard — and it comes from a spouse, a peer, or someone in your family?

Here’s the challenge with that: if they’ve never done what you’re doing, then perhaps the advice of “taking it easy” may not be conducive to achieving your goals.

Yes, they’re probably saying it because they care about you, but they may not be qualified to help you achieve a goal. You know who is? Somebody who has actually achieved that goal.

Make sure that you’re taking advice from people who have the results to back it up.

I see a lot of people on social media and up on stages talking about how to build a great team or organization, and they themselves do not have a team or organization of their own. I see people talking about how to do marketing and social media that they themselves, in their business, are not investing in.

It is very important to be able to “walk your talk.”

I can transparently say that we outspend every single one of our clients on social media. We offer it as a service, but we outspend all of them. Why? We believe in it and it works.

If an organization says they offer a certain service, coaching, or training, and if they’re not living what they teach within their own organization, I start to question the quality and the efficacy of that advice — because they simply don’t have the results they’re talking about.

Make sure you’re getting advice from people who have the results, that have been to where you want to go, and that can provide you with that experience. And remember, don’t let broke people tell you how to get rich.

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