Leading Through Adversity: Michael Mogill + Sand Law

3 minutes to read

While others have stepped down and pulled back, Rick and Bill Sand of Sand Law knew that wasn’t an option and chose the road less traveled — and it’s making ALL the difference.

Now, they sit down with Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill in the latest installment of Leading Through Adversity to share all the details.

Tune in to the full conversation here.

1:55 – Lay a strong foundation. “We instilled daily Zoom meetings and CommitTo3. Those two things alone laid the foundation for how things were going to move forward. We have people up in North Dakota as well here in Minnesota. Rick and I travel to North Dakota a decent amount, and we weren’t able to do that for a couple of months but everybody has gotten on board. We wanted to instill with our employees that you still had a job here and that we weren’t going to lay people off.”

3:09 – Invest in marketing. “As far as marketing goes and branding, I know that we’ve increased our spend. We’ve opened up a new office across the river in Minneapolis. We’ve gotten into television a little more, and we’ve been seeing a lot of results.”

4:47 – Plow ahead. “We try to focus on what we could control versus what we couldn’t. Anytime you have a situation like this, you have to keep plowing ahead and do what you can do. We did have a lull for a period of time — you have to walk into the fear and deal with that. At the same time, we really have amazing people that work here, and people really doubled down.”

7:01 – Take advantage. “Facebook and social media usage is at an all-time high, but the ad spend has gone average of an all-time low. We took advantage of that, and we’ve been seeing cases come out of those areas where we were able to put some ad spend in. We also pumped new money into those areas and we’ve been seeing a pretty good return, both on PI and criminal.”

8:04 – Fear of the unknown. “People have a fear of the unknown. When Rick and I got out of law school, we started our firm. We’ve never had bosses, so everything’s been kind of an unknown since we’ve started. We relied on ourselves. It’s pretty much just trusting each other, trusting our process. And like Rick said, if the world ends, it’s going to end. But if not, there’s opportunity to be got.”

8:42 – Appetite for fear. “Have amazing people around you, because when the road gets rocky, those are the people you want to be pushing the cart with you. I just can’t say enough about that. We feel lucky and proud of our team members and everybody buckling down and getting on board. At the same time — I know we talked about this at the workshop down in Atlanta at the end of January — it’s just having an appetite for fear and anxiety and walking through it, because everybody’s dealing with that right now.”

If you’re viewing this challenging situation the same way Rick, Bill, and Michael are, text Michael directly at 404-531-7691 to tell him your thoughts.