Leading Through Adversity: Michael Mogill + Pandit Law Firm

2 minutes to read

The reality is this: our world will be very different once we come out on the other side of the coronavirus crisis. The keys to moving forward are a resilient mindset and the ability to adapt in order to stay afloat and grow.

Raj Pandit of Pandit Law Firm sits down with Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill to explore how Raj and his team prepared and responded to the current circumstances.

Check out the full conversation here.

0:29 – Increase in communication. “We were about 33% remote to begin with, so the transition was easy. The impact that’s had on our business has been a pleasant surprise for me. There had been an improvement in the communication across all channels of our organization from people in Houston, to the people in New Orleans, and even Baton Rouge. It’s allowed us to deepen the appreciation across all people in the firm.”

2:29 – Personal injury is emotional. “When our clients come to us, they’ve usually encountered a situation that they could’ve never predicted. It’s often emotional. There’s personal injury, which is emotional. People’s homes or their business is one of the most important assets in their life, and they take that very seriously.”

4:11 – Create experiences. “This week’s workshop with Joey Coleman was fantastic because it touched on how it’s important to delight the client at every touchpoint with the law firm. That’s easier said than done. We’re going to try a lot of different things to try and create that experience. We’ll make some mistakes along the way, and that’s part of the learning and growing process. We’re really excited about implementing a lot of the things we’ve been planning over the last few weeks.”

6:40 – Be resilient. “I’ve tried to impress on everyone in this organization that the pandemic is not the worst thing that’s going to happen to this organization. We’ve got decades to go. If we think that this is the worst thing, then we’re not prepared for what’s to come. Having that resiliency and knowing we’re prepared for this is going to be crucial going forward.”

7:40 – Return to normalcy. “Are people comfortable getting on planes? When can the restaurants have maximum capacity and when are the bars going to reopen? We’re going to learn as we go, and I think a cautious but steady approach is going to serve everybody well. I’m hopeful that this year things will return to some sense of normalcy, but that normal may be a little different.”

If you’re viewing this challenging situation the same way Raj and Michael are, text Michael directly at 404–531–7691 to tell him your thoughts.