Leading Through Adversity: Michael Mogill + Georgia Probate Lawyers

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Our goal is to highlight business leaders taking this situation by the horns in order to better their organization and come out stronger on the other side — Mandy Moyer of Georgia Probate Lawyers is doing just that.

Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill recently sat down with her to learn more about how her firm has responded to these current challenges.

Tune in to the full conversation here.

00:20 – A new experience. “This was the first pandemic that we had the opportunity to serve clients during, and it was a very interesting experience. On the estate planning side, typically people agree for the need for estate planning, but there really isn’t any urgency, and so it was interesting to contrast sort of normal times with the pandemic where suddenly the urgency was felt and was on the forefront. So we actually saw a much shorter conversion cycle to get clients in to be able to help them make sure their affairs were in order in case they were to experience any of the ill effects of this pandemic.”

2:00 – Getting creative. “So I said, ‘It’d be great if I have a glass conference room. I don’t happen to have a glass conference room here in my office, but I do have a window.’ So we set up a small table outside the window immediately by the front door, we set up some chairs out there. I think we put a plant out there, and of course, we wiped everything down. We cleaned that window very well, and then we basically had a drive-up will signing. So it was an opportunity to do something different. The clients really liked it, and I think they really appreciated the lack of immediate contact given the uncertainty of these present times.”

3:31 – Attention to mindset. “Yeah. I have tried to pay particular attention to the mindset of my team as well as myself. I think just like anybody else we are feeling the stress of this situation impacting every aspect of our everyday lives. So I’ve tried to provide opportunities to make sure that we are choosing a positive mindset, to make sure that we are reiterating the team values and the core values of our company — and I’m really just trying to be proactive about managing the way we’re thinking about things and the attitudes that we’re bringing to the table.”

5:32 – Taking the time to breathe. “I mean I was noticing that I was trying to pour from an empty cup. I’m very driven, so I will just continue in pursuit of a goal until I have nothing left to give, and that’s not very useful for repeatable performance. So I thought to myself, ‘I really need to make sure that I’m taking a break,’ and it’s silly to say that it was overwhelming to decide what to do for the break. But my solution was that I’m going to make a Wheel of Fortune spinning wheel. You can write on it, and so I just wrote different types of self-care: a no-technology day, take a walk — basically, things that are very obvious. So I just took the choice away. When you spin the wheel, whatever the wheel says, you do. That’s just my way of making sure that I’m pouring back into the tank so that there’s more to give out later.”

If you’re viewing this challenging situation the same way Mandy and Michael are, text Michael directly at 404–531–7691 to tell him your thoughts.