How to Leverage Instagram Guides for Your Law Firm

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Guides… on Instagram? We know what you’re thinking — what the #*%& is Instagram doing adding another feature to the platform, and why the #*%& should you care?

Not to worry — legal marketing is our forte, and we’re here to tell you exactly why you should care and how you can leverage this shiny new feature to your advantage.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Not only is Instagram an app that attracts many users — it also boasts a loyal and engaged fan base. 63% of Instagram users check the app at least once per day, and 42% open the app multiple times within the same day.

Translation: Your ideal client is probably using Instagram, and they probably love the app. That means they’re looking at Instagram Guides. So buckle up, because you’re going to want to join us for this ride.

  1. What Are Instagram Guides?
  2. Why Should I Use Instagram Guides for My Law Firm?
  3. How do I use Instagram Guides?

What Are Instagram Guides?

Guides are Instagram’s latest addition in a lineup of snazzy new features the platform rolled out in 2020. Originally created last May as a feature specifically for leaders in the health and wellness landscape, the purpose of Guides was to promote wellbeing during a turbulent time for many.

The social media giant took a stance for mental health, authenticity, and social justice throughout the year, so this move aligned with many of their other initiatives.

In November 2020, Instagram took this feature a step further by expanding availability to all users. This is where you come in.

Instagram Guides allow you to round up content into a curated “guide” that is then featured on your profile. The types of guides you can create are categorized by:

  • Places
  • Products
  • Posts

Not many attorneys have jumped on the Instagram Guides train yet — but here’s an example from @lawyermommylerae putting them into use for her practice.

Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides create a space within the platform to host curated content under different categories. As you can see, it’s a great place to sort your content into spaces for potential clients to peruse your areas of expertise. There are plenty of ways to leverage this feature for your own firm.

How do I use Instagram Guides?

Let’s bring your firm up to speed and break it down step-by-step.

1. On your Instagram profile, click the plus sign in the upper right corner. From here, you can access all of Instagram’s content creation features. Select Guide.

Instagram Guides

2. Next, you’ll choose the type of Guide you want to create. Pick from places, products, or posts.

Instagram Guides

3. Select the content that you want to gather into a Guide, add your descriptions, and post!

Instagram Guides

Not sure where to begin? Try some of these ideas to get you started.

Create a “Places” Guide to:

  • Feature local businesses or nonprofits you partner with in your community.
  • Show potential clients each of your office locations.
  • Highlight resources in your area your clients might need.
    • Personal Injury examples: emergency rooms, urgent care centers, or injury specialists.
    • Estate Planning examples: elder care facilities, disability resource centers, or memory care centers

Create a “Products” Guide to:

  • Recommend books to help your potential clients.
  • Promote products for sale at local businesses or nonprofits you partner with in your community.
  • Sell your own products (branded swag, tickets to events, etc.)

Create a “Posts” Guide to:

  • Hiring the right lawyer for your case.
  • Filing a worker’s compensation claim.
  • Know what to do after you’re involved in an accident.

Think of the Instagram Guides section of your account like your own digital magazine right on your profile. Each guide acts as a sort of magazine “article,” and a set of guides creates a curated catalog of content for your potential clients.

Why Should I Use Instagram Guides for My Law Firm?

Many law firms are hesitant to jump on new trends — especially those that involve expanding social media capabilities. All the more reason you should do it!

The fewer law firms that seize the opportunities new digital features offer, the more competitive advantage your firm has when you do.

Instagram Guides are a cohesive way to structure your content in one place — on a platform that your target audience is likely already using.

Utilizing social media channels and all they have to offer is a crucial part of a multi-channel marketing strategy, which ensures you’re getting in front of your ideal client wherever they’re spending their time.

Want more information on multi-channel marketing? Download our FREE Multi-Channel Marketing Guide for Attorneys below! This resource covers the basics of leveraging multiple channels to connect with prospective clients and provides actionable strategies for launching and optimizing ads on a number of major social channels.


Bottom line: if you are an attorney, you should be taking advantage of Instagram Guides now — before your competitors beat you to the punch.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is constantly adding features and updating their algorithm to keep users on their platform — making it one of the most popular, cutting-edge social media apps out there. Like the recent addition of Instagram Reels, Instagram Guides will be the next big thing.

Now is the time to learn about this feature and implement it into your law firm’s marketing strategy. Instagram Guides provide a unique opportunity for firms to establish themselves as experts in their field by curating content specifically for their ideal clients.