How to Add Subtitles to Your Videos: Crisp Video Marketing Minute #14

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One of the easiest ways to improve the search value of your video is to add subtitles. Google currently has the ability to analyze any video uploaded to YouTube and create subtitles of their own. But the technology isn’t quite there. Adding accurate subtitles will help give Google some context to your video so they truly know what it’s about, and what it should rank for.

To add subtitles to your video, go to the Video Manager. Click on the dropdown next to the video you want to add subtitles for, and click Subtitles and CC. Click on Add New Subtitles, and choose the language the subtitles are in.

There are multiple options, but the easiest one to use is Transcribe and set timings. Just paste in your script or a transcription of your video and hit Set Timings. Google will automatically analyze your videos and time your subtitles for you. When the timing is complete, just hit Publish.