Facebook Ad Targeting Tips: 5 Ways to Reach Your Perfect Client

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Facebook video marketing is here to stay, and it’s more critical than ever critical to do your research in order to achieve marketing success.

In our current digital revolution, video-based social media marketing has quickly become a top-ticket strategy to take your business to the next level. But, with over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users, how can you make sure you target the right audience with your content? And, what can you do to ensure that your video content reaches your ideal clients?

Before your Facebook marketing machine is running at full speed, it’s important to know a few social media marketing basics. Follow these 5 Facebook ad targeting tips, and you’ll be able to create content that reaches your perfect clients.

1. Evaluate Your Current Client Base

facebook ad targeting tips

Are your customers millennials, baby boomers, or somewhere in between? Are your ideal clients part of a segment you currently work with, or one you want to work with in the future? What characteristics and demographics do your ideal clients share?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can create your audience pool (the intended group of people you target through your marketing).

It may be tempting to create a massive audience pool using broad demographics such as location (example: New York City) or age (example: 34 to 55), but you’ll waste countless dollars chasing people who don’t fit your ideal client persona.

Maybe your perfect customers are 34 to 55 years old and living in New York City, but maybe they may also tend to be married, have a household income of over $100,000, and own their own home. Narrow your pool, and you can more effectively target your ideal customer.

2. Explore Facebook’s Customization Options to Amplify Your Video’s Impact

facebook ad targeting tips

Few sites give as many options as Facebook when it comes to targeting potential clients. Other than age, location, interests, etc., you can drill down to target clients through granular details like life events.

Whether they’ve recently traveled abroad, gotten married, or had a child, you have plenty of options to narrow your pool.

For example, if you are a practicing divorce attorney looking for new clients, you can set your video content to target individuals who have just ended a relationship. By refining your Facebook ads to target your ideal customers, your ad spend won’t be wasted on people who aren’t a good fit for your services.

3. Stay Up to Date With Facebook’s Video Ad Tools

facebook ad targeting tips

In June 2016, Facebook released a new tool for video marketers to further engage with their audiences. Because brand videos are a vital way to increase visibility, you now have the option to target specific content to users based on prior engagement with your videos.

You can pick a specific video and target an audience based on how much of the video they watched. Whether someone watches 3 seconds or 95% of your video, you can tailor your ads to serve different video content to different sets of potential customers.

For example, if someone has watched your entire brand video (i.e. is highly engaged), you can serve them client testimonials or product videos to move them further down the sales funnel. On the other hand, if someone has only watched 15 seconds of a specific product or service video you can target them with different offers to pique their interest.

4. Consider Your Platform

When designing a Facebook video ad campaign, it is vital to consider your platform, industry, and audience. If you want to convey that you are well educated and trustworthy, that doesn’t necessarily mean a lengthy Facebook video ad will achieve the best results.

One must consider Facebook’s benefits as a platform as well as how engaged its users tend to be. It’s unlikely that audiences will watch a 15-minute video ad on Facebook, but sharing a 30-second clip quickly summarizing your audience’s pain points and your value proposition may be the perfect strategy.

5. Captivate Your Audience With Quality

In order to engage your audience and convert them into clients, you have to captivate them and convince them that your company is the best option for their needs. Video is an outstanding conversion tool, but not all video content is created equal. Your videos are a direct reflection of your brand, and people associate the quality of your content with the quality of your business.

According to Brightcove, 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that publishes low-quality videos, and 23% would hesitate to purchase from the brand. If your video content is low-quality, both visually and contextually, you can almost guarantee that potential clients will keep scrolling.

In sum, the beauty of video is that it allows you to captivate audiences in a way that images alone can’t replicate.

Facebook ads are a targeted and cost-effective way to gain an edge for your business. Say goodbye to the Yellow Pages and old-school print ads, and say hello to Facebook advertising. Follow these 5 Facebook ad targeting tips, and watch your engagement and client conversion rates soar to new heights.