Event Recap Video

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Photos are useful, but they don’t show the whole story—only video can convey the atmosphere and energy of a live event. Our team works hard to collect a variety of shots that creatively and accurately represent your company or organization’s event.

We edit fast to turn around your event recap as quickly as possible—so you can share it with anyone in your network who missed out or just wants to reminisce.

We have worked with conferences all across the nation in industries ranging from legal to dental and more!  Feature the excitement and education your conference has to offer, and encourage new attendees to register for your next event. We have filmed recaps for events with 100 attendees all the way up to 5,000.  Conference recap videos provide additional value to your members and encourage new members to attend future events.

We have worked with large brands such as Coca-Cola to recap their charitable events and competitions.  Charitable events and competitions highlight your brand’s attitude of service and commitment to giving back to your community.  Show off your community impact on your website, and share using social media to get your message out.

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