Are You a Spectator, a Victim, or a Game Changer?

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We’re going through some tough times right now. Have you determined how you are going to respond as a leader?

There are three ways to respond to any type of adversity.

One way is as a spectator.

It’s the person that says, “Hey, we’re going to wait and see. We’re going to watch what happens as the situation develops, and then we’re going to act.” They wait and see.

The second way to respond is to be a victim.

You make excuses as if you’re the only one who’s experiencing quarantines in your community, business closures, and economic downturns. You blame others — you blamer everybody around you. If you respond as a victim, you think there’s absolutely nothing you can do. It’s just unfortunate, and you accept your fate.

The third way that you can respond in all of this is as a game changer.

You accept the reality of a situation. You say, “Okay, this is what it is. We have to adapt, adjust, and take some serious actions.” You accept what you can control and understand what you can’t control.

Rather than spending all this time arguing with reality, you’re focusing your time and energy around doing the things that are going to move you through it.

You’re being proactive and becoming better.

Now, you have to think, “What is the biggest barrier around all of this? Why isn’t every business leader innovating, adapting, and being creative?” There are many people that are hunkered down in the bunkers.

What is the biggest barrier to innovation and creativity?


Fear, sometimes defined as false evidence appearing real, is what holds most people back.

None of us can predict the future, and none of us have a crystal ball. You can’t guarantee the outcome of any decision, so part of this requires courage. I’m scared and stressed a lot. I’m a human being as well, but that should not stop you from taking action and taking risks.

If you’re trying to eliminate all the risks from your life, what you’re actually doing is also simultaneously eliminating all possibility from your life.

You’ve got to decide that it’s time to quit living in fear and start living.

If you’re still resistant to adapting to the situation at hand, well, I would ask you: what will happen if you don’t adapt, evolve, and if you don’t innovate?

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