You Can’t Win Over Everyone

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When it comes down to it, people tend to choose the path of least resistance.

They get used to certain things, from technology platforms to procedures, and when it comes time to improve and learn something new or take a new approach, they don’t want to break homeostasis.

So, as the business leader, where does that leave you? How does one get buy-in from their team in order to level up their business and grow?

Let me tell you a secret — you don’t have to get 100% buy-in from everyone. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to please everyone in the first place.

However, if there’s an opportunity out there to make your business more efficient, support your clients at a higher level, and do things in a way that makes your team’s lives easier, you must make the necessary changes to make that happen for the benefit of your business.

Failure to change in any way is a recipe for a quick demise.

It is vital to continuously improve in order to not only remain competitive in the saturated legal market but to be able to provide stability and consistency for the people within that organization and the clients that depend on them.

Once you position it in this way, the change doesn’t seem so scary — and it shifts from fear of the unknown to excitement for the future.

Now, when it comes to the issue of having to constantly have buy-in from your team, you have to consider what percentage of the people in your organization you’re having to win over consistently.

Are these the people that are the most committed and the most engaged, and are they resisting it because maybe it’s not a great idea? Or are they the least accountable people that are just going to dig their heels in regardless? Chances are, those resisting are generally not the most growth-minded people, and their opinion should be taken with a grain of salt.

The reality of it is, you shouldn’t have to win over anyone when driving the right organizational change — change that’s going to make things better for the team and your company as a whole.

There’s initial resistance because it’s different, but when people see their lives get easier and see their jobs be more efficient, you’ll find that sometimes people do come around.

Remember, you’re 100% in control.

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