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The law office of Herrman & Herrman has been helping people in the Corpus Christi community with personal injury representation for 70 years. Since lawyers marketing today face incredible competition, Gregory Herrman worked with Crisp to craft a legal branding video that communicates with potential clients. The idea being, video helps creates a more powerful emotional connection than just text, audio or images.

The messaging focuses on problems injured victims face when they don’t get adequate compensation from insurance companies. Not only do insurance companies have all the resources available, Gregory mentions that laws were created in Texas to benefit them. So injured victims are at a major disadvantage.

For lawyers marketing these days, this type of statement is a smart move. It’s provides proof that you need legal help when seeking compensation after an injury. When someone understands they’re entering a battle they’re unlikely to win, it’s more likely they’ll seek out help. In this case, Gregory stresses that trying to go against the insurance companies alone could have a negative impact on your future.

Something else worth noting are the testimonials. Each client shares their situation in real language. The comments don’t feel forced. They address objections and validate points shared by Gregory earlier in the video. Not only is it tough for lawyers marketing legal services to sing their own praises, it rarely works to persuade prospects. You’re better off having a third party do that work for you.

Ready to see the impact legal branding and FAQ videos can have on your marketing outreach? Register today for one of our free one-on-one legal video marketing strategy sessions. We’ll walk you through how you can create effective videos for your law firm that turn your best prospects into high-quality cases. Just pick a time that works best for you.

To learn more about Gregory Herrman’s law firm, visit herrmanandherrman.com.

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