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The Berry Law Firm aggressively seeks financial compensation and medical benefits for veterans injured during military service. In this video, John S. Berry, Jr. introduces his firm and urges veterans to pursue the disability compensation they deserve. The approach he uses follows a proven methodology for attracting clients.

You see, whether in law firm marketing or just daily interactions, finding a common bond is among the fastest ways to get someone to like you. Furthermore, commonalities cause people to trust and remember you. In the case of the Berry Law Firm, military service is the common bond between the attorneys and their potential clients. Since both have served, they share a similar set of values.

So, using this brand video, we set out to demonstrate these values and create an emotional connection. This was done by speaking directly to a specific audience — veterans who have been denied disability compensation for injuries that occurred during their service. The messaging includes images, terminology, and testimonials that potential clients can relate to. This result is a bond that goes beyond selling or pitching.


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