Video is ‘able’: Shareable, Savable, Measurable.

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Video has the ability to be shared, embedded, and linked across almost every website and social media channel. What this means for you is that you’re content can be seen by almost everyone, in many different ways, at any time. Share your video with your customers and fans, and encourage them to do the same.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to share the same video across different channels. Your blog audience may be different than your Facebook audience, which might be different than your Youtube audience. To reach the most people possible, post your video across all relevant channels.


Video is not going anywhere. Quality videos that you create today can be used time and time again, as long as they are engaging and relevant. A good company overview video, testimonial video, or virtual tour can be used over and over, across all types of mediums (website, social media, blog, newsletter, etc).

Tip: Put your core message and call to action at the front of your video; don’t make the viewer wait until the very end to figure out what you want them to do (chances are they won’t make it that far).


Video is a marketing tool that can be measured, optimized, and improved over time. A quality video that well optimized can dramatically increase website conversions, improve SEO rankings, and enhance overall user experience.

Tip: Use analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) to track and measure the performance of your videos across time. Use these tools to help you optimize your video content for a higher ROI.

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