Unclog the Funnel: How Video Converts Website Traffic Into Paying Clients

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Your website can have all the top-of-funnel traffic in the world, but traffic isn’t worth much if it’s not being converted into paying clients and real cases for your law firm. That’s why you need high quality, engaging video to help move your prospective clients down that funnel.

Including video on landing pages has been shown to increase conversions by up to 80%. Your prospects could be stuck at the consideration stage, where they’re evaluating different lawyers to solve their legal problem. This is especially true if you’re in a field of law that’s highly competitive. If you’re not showing your visitors anything that differentiates you and convinces them that you are the right decision for them, you might as well be waving them along onto the next attorney and the next uninspiring set of content.

While high quality, engaging video can certainly have great SEO benefits that lead to more website traffic, the biggest game changer video will have on your business is to unclog the sales funnel. All that traffic won’t do you any good if those prospects are getting trapped at the top of the funnel, where they’re not making decisions — or worse, moving on and finding reasons to hire someone else instead of you.

The most impactful result video content can provide your law firm is to unclog that sales funnel and to assist all that top-of-funnel traffic down the pipeline into loyal paying clients.

3 Reasons Your Law Firm’s Website Needs Video

  1. According to one Harvard researcher’s findings, 95% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, fueled more by emotion than by logic. While it is certainly important to back up your track record and other claims with facts and data, the #1 differentiator in the current legal landscape is how well you can emotionally connect to prospective clients. You need to give your audience a reason to hire you over all the other options. As Simon Sinek teaches, people buy because of your “why.” With thoughtful and well-produced video content, you can effectively communicate why you do what you do, why potential clients can trust you, and why you are the obvious choice for their legal needs.
  2. 65 percent of people are visual learners, and 72 percent of consumers would rather watch a video about a product or service than read text. Let’s face it — content about law isn’t always the most digestible or glamorous. But put that same content into a video and you’ve got yourself some engaged viewers. Why? Because you can illustrate your points so much better with video, in a more entertaining, emotionally compelling way.
  3. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to only 10% when reading the same message in text form. This goes back to the previous point. People learn better when consuming visual content. They tend to remember what they’ve learned from a video better than they do from text. Increased retention means better memorability. People are more likely to remember your law firm just by watching one of your videos. This is crucial, because when their time of need comes, they’re going to call the firm they think of first.

Video at Each Stage of the Sales Funnel

The truth is, not everyone looking for legal advice is ready to hire a lawyer. One prospect can just have a few questions about child support, while another one could be ready to hire a family lawyer straight away. Unfortunately, the latter isn’t always the case. Marketing your firm requires a bit more effort to get leads to convert. This is where video gets its value.

While there are now more nuanced stages consumers go through when choosing an attorney (and sticking with them), for the purposes of simplicity we can identify three main stages of basic decision-making. These stages will help you identify the type of video content you should be providing in order to connect with prospective clients at each step of their process.


In your video, whether it’s on your website or on a social media platform, share a compelling story to your connect with audience. For example, telling your viewers about the time you had a legal issue of your own can help them connect with you on a deeper level by appealing to their emotions and making your practice more human. The sense of recognition they feel when getting to know you and your firm this way will help you stand out in a meaningful way.


Once you’ve gained your prospects’ attention, you can move them further down the funnel by leading them to your website or getting them to watch an informative video about their legal issue. A brief video that answers a question can educate your audience, and then tie in how your legal solution solves their problem. This also helps build trust and reinforce those feelings of connection your viewer felt when first getting to know your firm.


Videos can help prove your value to potential clients. Use case studies and testimonials to solidify their impression of you — and make sure it sticks by showing those testimonials with engaging video. When people in need see others that have been in their position before, the message those past clients communicate will resonate more powerfully than anything else. This further validates their decision to choose you to guide them through their legal situation. Once they reach out to you and experience the same values and message you have been communicating with your video content all this time, all the pieces will fall into place, and you will have converted a lead to a reliable client.

Conversion is the Name of the Game

The purpose of great video on your website is to provide really engaging content that:

  • is easily digestible and emotionally compelling
  • powerfully communicates what sets you apart
  • helps you stand out to prospective clients
  • converts the website traffic you’re already attracting into clients that choose you over every other option.

Take these steps, and your funnel will be unclogged in no time — you’ll be able to sit back and watch all your website traffic glide on through to become your next happy clients.

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