The Making of Crisp HQ

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There are several factors that define an organization.

The camaraderie of the team. The fearless pursuit of ambitious goals. A consistently flawless client experience.

But all of those components combined can only take a business so far without a proper building to call home.

After nearly a decade of rapid employee growth and unreasonable increases in revenue, the time had finally come for Crisp to invest in a new office worthy of the team inside.

Crisp’s Growth

The road to success for Crisp was not an overnight ordeal.

Founder and CEO Michael Mogill started the organization in 2012 with $500 to his name and ran the business out of his apartment. He eventually made the move out of his living room and into the back of a dental office. Over the next few years, the company was generating enough revenue to move into its very own office in Underwood Hills in West Midtown.

As the company began to explode in revenue and hit $50 million, the humble beginnings of the past were only a distant memory with the future looking ever brighter.

By 2020, having already achieved over 1470% growth in the past three years, it was clear that the exceptionally expanding team had outgrown its current space.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic crippling a massive proportion of businesses, Michael was fully confident that investing in the brand new Crisp HQ would be well worth the money.

He put pen to paper on a building right down the street and the project was a go.


It takes a village to execute a visionary CEO’s dream building.

At its peak, over 200 people were involved in the 14-month construction process.

Michael felt strongly that this project should contract exclusively with Atlanta-based businesses.

These included:

Moving On Up

In May 2021, the project was complete and the Crisp HQ was ready to welcome team members home.

The team was moving into a building more than 10 times the size of the previous office (from 4,000 square feet to 50,000), but that hardly scratched the surface of the innovations they should expect.

Of the 50,000 square feet, 20,000 were reserved for a state-of-the-art training center where Crisp Coach workshops would be held.

Crisp Coach is a one-stop shop that provides law firm owners and their teams with the strategies and tools needed to exponentially grow their businesses. Crisp Coach has thus far generated more than $250 million in revenue for its clients.

The massive training center can accommodate up to 250 people and features modular walls that can divide the space into three rooms — so multiple training sessions can be held simultaneously to multiply impact.

On May 22, 2021, the Crisp team held a Grand Opening ceremony to celebrate and toast their new beginnings.

What’s Actually Included?

Michael and the Crisp team didn’t invest millions of dollars during a global pandemic to build just an average office. As is the case with all things Crisp, they were aiming for something remarkable.

The new building includes:

  • A stadium-quality 20-foot LED wall
  • Five conference rooms with privacy glass that can turn from clear to opaque and UHD displays
  • Four-zone audio system distributing music to pre-function and patio areas
  • High-tech white noise system enabling multiple phone calls to occur simultaneously without disruption
  • Lobby/pre-function area with Ultra-HD 219” LED display
  • High-tech podcast studio with full control room
  • Custom catering kitchen for special events
  • Two patios

Barely a month after opening for business, the capacity Crisp HQ was put to the test with the EVOLVE Summit on June 24-25.

When deciding where to situate the Summit stage, it was clear that the best route was to take advantage of the immense space and vast technological capabilities of the building itself. An AV team took on the daunting task of transforming one of the Training Center rooms into a custom studio with the bandwidth to film and stream such an ambitious event.

The experience went off without a hitch.

While it was a virtual event with over 6,000 online attendees, a small group of Crisp Coach clients had the opportunity to attend a live watch party in the Training Center. This was followed by a tour, cocktail hour, and cigar rolling event so they could experience the new space for themselves.

The Future is Bright

Now that Crisp has a new homebase befitting its prestige, the team is able to focus on growth.

They plan to nearly double the workforce by 200% by the end of 2021 and that is only the beginning.

Michael deliberately chose to build more desks than current team members as well as leave 12,000 square feet unfinished to leave the door open for future expansion.

After experiencing such tremendous transformational growth over the past nine years, there is little reason to doubt that the next nine and beyond will be even more remarkable.