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For most visionaries, starting their own business is much like a child having an entire playground to themselves. They’re free to express themselves, try new things, explore new ideas, and do whatever they want to make sure their world is exactly up to their standards — and that’s quite a rewarding experience.

The same goes for committed law firm owners who dare to go out on their own to create the practice that will change lives for the better. That’s exactly what Diego Bustillos and Adriana Bello, owners of BBA Immigration located in Houston, Texas, set out to do.

Bustillos, Bello & Associates (BBA) is an immigration law firm that represents highly qualified individuals, investors, and companies in immigration matters. Their focus is on helping people with exceptional abilities to come to the United States to work, live, and contribute to society. They pride themselves on providing the best client experience possible with a team that’s curious, interested, and devoted to going the extra mile time and time again.

For Diego, Adriana, and almost the entire team at BBA, however, being a part of the immigration field is likely more special to them than others. That’s because many of them are immigrants themselves. They have a unique perspective on what it’s like to dream of freedom and living in the US, and they will fight to make that dream a reality for their clients.

The team at BBA Immigration takes the time needed to learn about their clients and find out exactly what they can do to bring justice. They combine their legal skills and training with their personal experiences to help them demonstrate their value to the United States and employers, highlighting the unique skills and expertise that they bring to the table. That’s what makes them such an asset to their community.

But as many in the business world know, passion can only take you so far on the journey to success, and sometimes you need help figuring out the rest. BBA Immigration was ready and willing to do whatever it took to overcome some of their biggest internal challenges to ensure that they were the strongest team possible to help their clients succeed.

The first steps were to take a look around their firm to determine what needed to be improved and where they should begin focusing their efforts. Once they identified what those needs were, they decided to take the first step and seek help.

Wondering what their next move was? Read on to find out…


While Diego and Adriana had a strong business model and unique approach, they still wanted to create the most efficient version of their organization and make BBA Immigration the most successful firm in its market. That’s when they decided to make a call that would change their lives forever.

Enter: Crisp Coach.

Crisp Coach is a closed-door community of the highest performing law firms in the country. This award-winning law firm growth program seeks to change the game for practices all over the country, and after doing a little research, Diego and Adriana knew they had found the solution to their problems.

Crisp Coach equips its members to achieve many goals, but most of all, it seeks to help them compete in an increasingly competitive landscape, run their firms like real CEOs, and prepare them for the future and beyond.

In short, Crisp Coach provides law firm owners with everything they need to overcome their biggest barriers to growth.

While BBA Immigration had proven itself a worthy competitor in the legal industry, there was still more to be done. Diego and Adriana knew that their biggest challenges were their lack of standard operating procedures, delegating tasks to the right team members, and experimenting with ideas and strategies that often fell through and ultimately weren’t worth their time. They wanted to make the right decisions from the very beginning — and more importantly, they wanted to learn how to determine when an option was worth pursuing.

Luckily for Diego and Adriana, they already had a stellar team to work with it, and it was obvious that they were all in this fight together. All they needed was a little clarity.

“Both Adriana and I are dedicated to building a legacy and a team that is committed to bringing value to the United States by demonstrating the benefits that our clients will bring to the economy, the environment, the health sector, and more,” says Diego. “But sometimes, it’s difficult to define what small actions we must take to achieve our big picture vision.”

When a leader is unable to see the big picture, it makes growing a business almost impossible — but those who are willing to open their minds and put in the work to find it are the ones who will be successful. Once they had the opportunity to assess what needed to be done in order to get their law firm on the right track, Diego and Adriana were ready to get to work. They became completely focused on solutions, not problems.

Were they up to the challenge? Could Crisp Coach really provide them with the answers they needed to turn their firm around?

Find out for yourself below.

We love being attorneys, and as the firm grew, we knew that we needed help structuring our goals related to business management, marketing, and team building. Crisp had been calling for almost three years before we decided to jump on board — and it’s been more than worth it.

Diego Bustillos


Now that the problems of BBA Immigration had been assessed, it was time to get to work solving them. The first step was to dive into the Crisp Coach program’s core tenets. Diego and Adriana were excited to get started with:

  • Achieving the transformational growth they’d been looking for
  • Creating the ultimate experience for their clients at each stage of the legal process
  • Making strategic and actionable decisions to benefit their firm
  • Aligning their legal team and getting everyone working toward the same goal
  • Becoming a true competitor in their market
  • Learning to delegate like pros
  • Managing their time down to the last minute
  • Running their law firm like true CEOs
  • And so much more

Too good to be true? That’s what they thought at first, but they quickly realized that the team at Crisp doesn’t just talk their talk. They walk their walk as well.

Their next step was to meet with their own personal Program Advisor, also known as their PA. Diego and Adriana’s PA would act as their accountability partner, growth guide, main motivator, and their biggest cheerleader on their road to success. They kept in touch and stayed up-to-date with their goals and progress through regular accountability check-ins, constantly communicating new ideas to implement into their firm — as well as the actual execution of those strategies.

By having someone else focused on diving into their challenges, exploring solutions, holding them accountable, and providing a voice of reason, Diego and Adriana found themselves in conversations with their PA regularly, and often by choice. That’s because Crisp PAs are so much more than coaches. They truly are confidants and friends who actively work for their clients’ prosperity. They learned that lesson quickly, and that helped them want to push to be better than yesterday in the areas they cared about most.

“We decided to partner with Crisp because we understood that we did not have the tools to run our business better and we needed structure, clear goals, and an outside perspective,” clarifies Diego.

And receive tools they did, for one of the most valuable tools Crisp provides is a one-of-a-kind, beautifully crafted legal brand video. BBA Immigration’s video library was custom-crafted to highlight their firm’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and show the world why they are the best option in the immigration market.

But if Diego and Adriana thought that the power of a legal video stopped at just being visually stunning, they were floored when they experienced the entire Social Stack program that went along with it. Relentless digital marketing is one of the best ways to get a message to the people who need it and build brand awareness and trust over time, and the team at BBA Immigration was excited to get started with their very own strategy to do so.

Through regular meetings with their dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM), they watched their firm attract new clients from their new video marketing campaigns on popular platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They were able to tailor their strategy to their audience and goals, and their Crisp team ensured they stayed in the loop regarding performance, improvements, and more.

But as you may have guessed, it didn’t stop there.

What Diego and Adriana had hoped more than anything was to put standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place, learn to better delegate tasks to team members, and identify the right time to implement new ideas. Their team learned to improve productivity and collaboration through onsite training opportunities at their office with a certified Crisp trainer. Through workshops hosted at Crisp’s state-of-the-art Training Center, Diego and Adriana came to Atlanta to grow alongside some of the most committed law firm owners in the country — not to mention learning from some of the biggest names in the legal industry and beyond. Each time they left these quarterly workshops, they felt prepared to bring back new ideas and strategies to share with the entire team at BBA Immigration, ensuring that everyone was on the same page and rowing in the same direction.

All of these different aspects of the Crisp Coach program combined together helped BBA Immigration enact a stronger workplace culture, gain a better understanding of each other and their clients, and launch a clean slate to introduce new plans and procedures to the organization.

While all of this sounds well and good, how exactly did it affect Diego, Adriana, and the team at BBA? Did they actually see any results worth writing home about? Were they excited to get back to work and generate the growth they sought?

We’ve got good news. Read on to discover what happened shortly after BBA Immigration joined Crisp Coach.

We have become better leaders, better managers, and better lawyers since joining the coaching program. The time we save by partnering with Crisp and by gaining access to the community is well worth the investment, and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their firm.

Diego Bustillos


After putting their all into growing and improving their law firm, the team at BBA Immigration saw some major changes thanks to the Crisp Coach program.

For starters, BBA Immigration grew over 40 percent in revenue, growing a whopping 70 percent in net profit. In addition to the increase in numbers, the quantity of consultations they bring in has skyrocketed since their boosted social media presence. Many of those consultations have led to new business opportunities, thus increasing BBA Immigration’s overall success.

The added bonus of having their PA hold them accountable and keep them on track has ensured that Diego and Adriana have never lost sight of them in the hustle and bustle of daily law firm management. In fact, they believe that their PA has been one of the main components to getting BBA Immigration back on the right track.

“Our coach has been essential in helping us define the steps we should and want to take to achieve our long term vision,” explains Diego. “We couldn’t have done it without their help and belief in our abilities.”

Diego and Adriana have even improved their hiring strategy, ensuring that they bring on the best new team members for their law firm every time. In addition to building out a structured hiring process, they’ve been able to create standard operating procedures for all of the inner workings of their practice. As you can imagine, it’s made life much easier and less stressful for all BBA Immigration team members, new and established.

All in all, BBA Immigration experienced a yearly revenue growth from $1.4 million to $2.2 million. But for Diego and Adriana, it’s hard to put a monetary value on just how important the Crisp Coach program has been to their organization. From the tools, the strategies, the people, the opportunities, and the overall community they’ve become a part of, it’s become so much more to them than just a more monetarily successful law firm.

“This has been amazing,” says Diego. “The community is so helpful and it’s amazing to see how everyone, no matter how big or small, is going through some type of the same problem. Finding solutions to problems is a lot easier when you are part of the Crisp community. It’s like being a partner in a global law firm because everyone is so willing to share what works and doesn’t work for them.”

As it turns out, many things have improved since joining Crisp Coach, and Diego and Adriana are thrilled with the results they’re seeing so far.

“Most things having to do with the business are much easier since joining Crisp,” assures Diego. “We have been able to set clear expectations and goals, as well as structure the steps we need to reach those mid-term and short-term goals that we were having trouble with before becoming a part of the coaching program.”

The Crisp Coach program has the ability to change the lives of law firm owners all over the country, but only if they truly want to be the change themselves. Since BBA Immigration joined the program, the rest has been history.

Though there’s always room for growth, Diego and Adriana are up to the challenge, and they’re constantly looking forward to what’s to come.

We can’t wait to see where they’ll go from here — and we’ll be right by their side every step of the way.

  • 40%

    Revenue Increase

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If you feel now is not the time, that might be true — but a lot of things in business just require a leap of faith. If you are a business owner and you are committed to participating in the workshops and working hard with your coach, the investment will be worth it. Write down your goals, break them down, and present them to Crisp. You won’t regret it.

Diego Bustillos

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