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Founding partner Charles “Bo” Bowen, was motivated to start his own firm after serving as the managing partner of larger corporate practices and experiencing firsthand the inefficiencies and skewed priorities that inevitably came with a “big law” mindset.

Initially focused on general corporate and small business law as The Bowen Law Group, the firm transitioned into entertainment law in 2014 as Savannah began gaining a reputation as a premier film and television shooting location. The industry’s exponential growth led the firm to dedicate the majority of its practice to legal representation related to film and television productions by 2017.

In 2018, partner Ryan Schmidt joined the firm and further solidified its footing in entertainment law. While the firm was well-known and established as corporate litigators, their work with entertainment industry clients became the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspect of their practice.

“When you have someone that comes to you with nothing more than an idea and a hope and a dream and you’re able to work with them, help them guide them all the way through to see that final project on a movie screen or a television screen. That’s the most rewarding part of this business,” shares Bo.

Attending the Game Changers Summit was a pivotal moment in the firm’s history. The conference emphasized the importance of niching down and finding absolute clarity in the firm’s mission. Bo and Ryan walked away with a stark realization — they needed to rebrand and rebuild the firm as Bowen Schmidt Entertainment Attorneys with a vision to help build a more equitable entertainment industry one client and one deal at a time.

Without Crisp’s encouragement to dive into the deep end, it is unlikely they would have gone all-in on entertainment law. For the partners, that move has paid off tremendously and taken them to new levels of fulfillment and success.


Transitioning from The Bowen Law Group to Bowen Schmidt Entertainment Attorneys was a giant leap of faith. The Bowen Law Group had a strong local reputation, and committing to the new brand meant venturing into uncharted territory.

Unlike the large, legacy firms that dominate the entertainment legal world, Bowen Schmidt did not inherit celebrity clientele but had to build their practice from the ground up with a unique approach. Their individual hands-on experience in the entertainment business and commitment to allowing clients to focus on creativity while handling their legal protection gave them an edge.

Ryan reflects, “Our unique edge lies in both of our own personal, hands-on experience in the entertainment business as well as our steadfast commitment to allowing each client to focus on creativity while trusting that we will always provide them full legal protection.”

The main hurdles they faced included scaling their firm, maintaining a cohesive culture during rapid growth, and balancing a high level of client service with rapid expansion. Additionally, the competitive landscape of entertainment law, dominated by a few large firms with longstanding legacies, presented obstacles for the partners as they worked to establish their presence and build trust with potential clients.

They also faced the challenge of aligning their team with the new direction of the firm. Transitioning from a corporate-focused practice to a niche entertainment law firm required a cultural shift and the development of new expertise. They had to ensure that every team member was on board with the new vision and equipped with the necessary skills to serve their evolving client base.

“Transitioning from The Bowen Law Group to Bowen Schmidt Entertainment Attorneys was a giant leap of faith. We knew that to truly commit to our new vision, we would have to give up the proven safe bet and venture into uncharted territory,” says Ryan.

Embarking on a partnership with Crisp would give Bo and Ryan the clarity and direction they need to bring their firm to the next level, service clients with the utmost attention and care, and create a cohesive culture with A-players who align with the firm’s vision and values.

We knew that to truly commit to our new vision, we would have to give up the proven safe bet and venture into uncharted territory.

Ryan Schmidt


Ryan and Bo valued building a firm that was a thriving member of the Savannah community and a stalwart of the broader entertainer community. Joining the Crisp Coach community was beneficial for both partners because they received expert guidance through quarterly workshops, support from their dedicated business coach, team training sessions to aid in alignment, professional development courses for their burgeoning team, and exclusive access to a community of growth-minded law firm owners from across the country.

Leveraging Crisp’s Vision Day Onsite Training and Cost-Benefit Tool, Bo and Ryan were able to finalize the firm’s core values:

  1. Never tolerate injustice or inequality
  2. Always put clients’ needs first
  3. Be committed, efficient, and resolts-driven
  4. Strive daily to be better than yesterday
  5. Handle every matter with integrity

These values guide every decision they make, fostering a cohesive team environment. “Crisp played a pivotal role in helping us shape our firm’s culture through helping us clearly articulate the firm’s Core Values. These values are now an essential part of our practice that influence every decision we make,” the partners shared.

Bowen Schmidt overhauled its intake process, ensuring prompt responses to potential clients and focusing on cases that align with its niche practice area. This clarity has improved its client experience and resulted in a significant increase in five-star reviews.

They used Crisp’s insights to develop a custom hiring funnel that would help them identify and recruit team members who aligned with their values and vision, replacing those who did not fit their culture. This strategic approach has not only improved their internal operations but also enhanced their ability to deliver exceptional client experiences. “Investing in a positive, values-driven culture ensures that we can attract and retain top talent. This not only benefits our firm but more importantly, it benefits our clients,” says Ryan.

With inspiration from Crisp, the partners implemented a morning huddle routine in which team members shared the previous day’s wins and identified the top three goals for the day ahead. This practice has fostered a sense of unity and purpose within the team, ensuring everyone is aligned and motivated.

Crisp has also helped Bo and Ryan grow as leaders and helped them realize that “the value of our firm is inversely proportional to its reliance on us (the partners).” They wanted to empower their capable team members to make decisions and find innovative ways to solve problems. Ryan shared, “We have shifted our leadership style from hands-off — except in emergencies where we would take on everyone’s problems — to an approach that rewards accountability, encourages autonomy, and fosters a more collaborative environment.”

As partners, and with Crisp’s assistance and encouragement, Ryan and Bo have also implemented monthly offsite partner meetings to discuss all areas of the firm — from their client experience and culture to marketing and leadership development — and map out important monthly and quarterly tasks and goals.

Crisp also helped them establish a formal internship program targeting law schools with strong ties to entertainment law. So far, the firm has hosted more than 10 interns, both in a virtual setting as well as in the office.


Ryan and Bo recognize that their decision to invest in Crisp was crucial to their firm’s success. Each aspect of the program has proven to be beneficial to the partners. “We haven’t missed a single workshop, intensive, or summit. We realize that each experience is an opportunity to learn from both Crisp as well as our peers,” remarked Ryan.

Since partnering with Crisp, Bowen Schmidt Entertainment Attorneys has experienced remarkable growth and transformation. Revenue increased 42% over a one-year period, making it their best earnings year to date. Their efforts to create a values-driven culture have attracted top talent, improved team morale, and enhanced client outcomes.

The firm’s transformation is evident in its operational improvements and increased client satisfaction. In less than a year, it has seen a jump from 25 to over 75 five-star Google reviews, a testament to the enhanced client experience.

The implementation of key performance indicators (KPIs) around every contact ensures that each inquiry receives a response within 24 business hours, further improving their client service. This systematic approach has not only increased their client base but also strengthened their reputation within the entertainment industry.

“Before joining Crisp, we were not able to consistently deliver the same exceptional client experience,” said Bo. “Now, our improved processes enable us to get very clear and focused on the types of cases we want to take and ensure every client receives a prompt response.”

Bo and Ryan have taken multiple steps to make the entertainment industry a safer and more equitable place by educating creatives on any legal issues that have the potential to negatively impact their careers.

This has led to initiatives like founding the Savannah Film Alliance and launching the Savannah Film Alliance Honors Gala, an event that celebrates the unsung heroes of Savannah’s local film and television industry. On the music side, they have also become heavily involved with Georgia Music Partners and authored a book on how to foster a fair artist/record label partnership.

They also seek to educate, entertain, and empower entertainment industry professionals with our podcast Allegedly, which is tailored to professionals who want inside information and tips on how to advance their careers and avoid pitfalls.

The partnership with Crisp has profoundly impacted every aspect of Bowen Schmidt Entertainment Attorneys. From refining their core values to improving their client intake process and enhancing their leadership approach, Crisp has been instrumental in their growth and success. They are excited about the future and remain committed to making a positive impact on the entertainment industry.

Bowen Schmidt Entertainment Attorneys was proud to be recognized as Crisp’s 2023 ELITE Firm of the Year. This honor reflects the significant strides they have made in building a strong, values-driven firm that is poised for continued success and growth in the competitive entertainment legal landscape.

  • 42%

    Increase in Revenue

Without Crisp’s guidance, our transition and subsequent success would not have been possible. The tools and support provided have been invaluable in helping us achieve our vision and make a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

Ryan Schmidt


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