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Project Overview

Adamson & Cleveland is a two-attorney plaintiff’s trial firm that handles all types of serious personal injury cases. Primarily serving the state of Georgia, Adamson & Cleveland have tried cases in several other states as well.

Client acquisition for Adamson & Cleveland is done primarily through attorney referrals. This is a firm that consistently gets results on difficult cases and always gives their clients great service. Both of these factors reflects well on their referring attorneys, so the referral network has grown strong over the years.

Despite all the successful cases and positive relationships, both with referring attorneys and with the clients they serve, Kevin Adamson and Alan Cleveland knew they needed to commit to regularly marketing the firm. Always a balance between practicing law and running a business, the pair understood the importance of keeping a steady stream of cases moving and not getting complacent with the way things were.


Great results on cases — check.

Excellent reputation as attorneys — check.

But the attorneys at Adamson & Cleveland knew they needed to tell their story, and they were committed to finding the best means, method, and partners to do it right.

“We wanted to do video to improve our organic case acquisition, bolster our brand with referring attorneys, and increase our top-of-mind awareness in our market area,” explains Alan Cleveland.

After attending the 2019 Crisp Game Changers Summit and seeing all that Crisp was capable of, they were confident that they had found the right team to make it happen.

“After meeting the Crisp team and seeing the quality of the product, we felt very comfortable with them,” says Cleveland, “and being local is a plus.”

While the cost of a Crisp package was higher than other video production Adamson & Cleveland has done, they decided the superior quality and expert management was worth the investment — especially considering the firm’s high standards and commitment to excellence.

“We had a lot of good things to promote and great stories to tell,” Cleveland elaborates. “We just needed a platform and someone who could put it all together.”

We had a lot of good things to promote and great stories to tell. We just needed a platform and someone who could put it all together.

Alan Cleveland


Crisp’s production team quickly got to work developing Adamson & Cleveland’s brand video, honing in on the phenomenal results they have gotten for their clients and the first-rate relationships they develop with their client network as well as legal colleagues and referral partners.

The intention behind the video project was evident in the final product, and the powerful storytelling represented Adamson & Cleveland’s key differentiators in a tasteful and emotionally compelling way.

With the message and presentation clarified and refined, the next stage was distribution.

In addition to rolling out their full-length video on their website and social media channels, Adamson & Cleveland desired a consistent and deliberate strategy to maximize the exposure of their powerful message.

By incorporating the Crisp Social Stack Program into their marketing strategy, the firm aimed to permeate the most popular social networks with social cuts of their brand video. With video lengths and formats optimized for these high-traffic, high-attention platforms, Adamson & Cleveland’s unique differentiators would become known to their entire community.

That way, when anyone in their market needed the help of an excellent personal injury firm, they would know exactly who to call.

We don’t want to be high volume injury law firm. But we do want to set ourselves apart in the marketplace and have more awareness of who we are and what we do within our network circles.

Alan Cleveland


After just 4 months of running the Crisp Social Stack, Adamson & Cleveland are already noticing more calls coming in and more contacts being established. The increase in call volume has naturally led to more cases.

“The biggest thing we’ve seen with the videos is why people are choosing to call us,” says Cleveland. “Almost every time they say they’ve seen a video, they say they called us because they felt we were trustworthy.”

Cleveland also reports that the firm is definitely more “top of mind” with their network circles. Whether the comments come from prospective clients or referring attorneys, he says “most of the feedback on the videos is that they are well done, cast us in a good light, and enhance our reputation as serious, thoughtful attorneys.”

As a direct result of the impressive storytelling and positive message portrayed by their legal videos, Adamson & Cleveland has certainly experienced a increase in referrals since implementing their new strategy.

“We’ve definitely seen an uptick in referrals,” says Cleveland. “Perhaps 20%.”

He also notes that while organic case acquisition has increased less dramatically, those numbers have also improved since producing their legal videos and launching the Social Stack campaign.

The law firm has been improving as a business, and as a result life has been good to Adamson & Cleveland.

In the words of Alan Cleveland, “Any time your reputation is enhanced by showcasing your story, your abilities, and your results, it improves your life.”

The lesson is clear: top-of-mind awareness is a critical aspect of modern legal marketing, and modern legal marketing is critical to growing and maintaining the success of a law firm in the current landscape.

“The best way to differentiate yourself is to do relentless marketing,” agrees Cleveland, advising any attorney struggling to differentiate and wondering how to effectively grow their practice.

“Most attorneys don’t market enough, if at all. Marketing is like going to the gym. Everybody knows it’s good for you, but it’s still hard to schedule and get it done. You have to commit the time and whatever financial resources you can afford to do it.”

For law firms like Adamson & Cleveland, the results speak for themselves.

  • 20%

    Referral Increase

[The future of legal marketing is] finding ways of getting your story out there to people who need your help. There is no better way than through video that can be crafted to the medium it’s used in. There is also an emotional depth to it that really connects with people when they view it.

Alan Cleveland


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