Meet Tim Grover: Game Changers Summit 3 Featured Speaker

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The performance coach behind elite athletes such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade.

The author of best-selling books Relentless and Winning.

The mentor who has motivated countless people of all industries to make the leap to greatness.

Success has a name, and it’s Tim Grover.

And he’s bringing his unparalleled approach to the Game Changers Summit!

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Who is Tim Grover?

Although Tim seems to have been blessed with a Midas touch, his upbringing was anything but gilded.

He and his brother were born in London, but their mother moved to Chicago soon after to create a better life for her boys. After working as a hospital nurse and living alone for a year, she finally saved enough money to bring the rest of the family to America. Tim’s father then started working at the hospital as well dealing with the corpses in the basement.

Tim was wholly aware that his childhood was the product of grit and sacrifice, so he ensured that the toils of his parents were not made in vain. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology as well as his Master’s in Exercise Science at the University of Illinois-Chicago, where he also played Division I basketball. Soon after, he charted the path to greatness for himself and countless others.

Tim Grover founded ATTACK Athletics, Inc in 1989 with the goal of becoming the ultimate resource for the world’s greatest athletes with a focus on one key metric of success: results.

Tim’s very first professional client set the bar for how far he could push his clients to become relentless.

That man was Michael Jordan.

MJ Tim Grover

When your very first client is the greatest basketball player of all time, you’re clearly providing a high-quality service. MJ initially committed to working with Tim for 30 days; they ended up training together for 15 years.

Tim worked with several other All Star athletes through the 1990s: Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, and more. In the 2000s, he worked with two of the very best athletes to ever grace the basketball court:

Dwayne Wade.

D Wade and Tim Grover

And the Black Mamba himself: Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Tim Grover

Tim’s philosophy of relentless drive, result-driven performance, and mental toughness are not just theoretical ideals. He has tangible proof that his approach works… just look at any of his clients’ trophy cases.

After several decades of empowering the top athletes to become the very best in the game, Tim decided to expand his reach beyond the sports world.

He published his first book Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable in 2014. His main goal was to reveal what it takes to achieve complete physical and mental dominance and use that to crush every one of your goals. He looks at what it means to be truly unstoppable and how to adopt a transformative killer mindset and break through the barriers that are keeping you from reaching the next level.

Relentless became an international best-seller, blasting Tim into the public eye as the wizard behind so many phenomenal winners.

He followed it with his next book Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness in 2021, in which he strips away the fluff and sets the reader’s eyes directly on the end result of success.

It’s abundantly clear that Tim Grover knows what it takes to perform at the highest level, no matter the industry — and he’s ready to share his peerless wisdom at the Game Changers 3 Summit.


What Tim Grover Will Bring to the Game Changers Summit 3

If anybody has the blueprint to relentless success, it’s Tim Grover. His approach transcends the sports world and has already proven itself to be both effective and replicable.

When Tim takes the Summit stage, you can expect him to share how he helped so many generational talents realize their potential and how you can do the very same.

He will explain how you can become a Cleaner: someone who craves the end result of success so badly that they’ll put up with all of the necessary hard work needed to get there, even if they don’t like it.

He will also unpack his Top 10 Rules for Success. They are as follows:

  1. Be fueled by failure
  2. Master your craft
  3. Do it all
  4. Sharpen your mind
  5. Start winning
  6. Elevate people around you
  7. Seize every opportunity
  8. Surround yourself with greatness
  9. Have intensity
  10. Be relentless

He may even share his three bonus rules:

  1. Preparation is the key
  2. Make your instincts trust you
  3. Make no excuses

These rules hardly scratch the surface in Tim’s relentless approach to success, so come fully prepared for an energetic, intense, and inspirational session with the man behind so many legends.


About the Crisp Game Changers Summit 3

Being a lawyer is hard enough.

Law school doesn’t teach you how to be an entrepreneur. But that’s exactly what you are as a law firm owner.

That’s why over 2,000 of the nation’s most ambitious attorneys are coming to Atlanta, GA on November 5-6, 2021 to gain:

  • Actionable Insights
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Tim Grover will be joining this list of our current confirmed speakers:

  • Crisp Founder & CEO, best-selling author, and host of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast: Michael Mogill
  • Journalist, author, and speaker Malcolm Gladwell
  • Workplace drama expert, leadership & team culture consultant, and best-selling author Cy Wakeman
  • Social media guru, best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk

If you’re an attorney who is engaged in the business of your law firm and wants to grow as a visionary leader, empower your team, and get your firm to the next level…then the Crisp Game Changers Summit is YOUR event.

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