Meet Kevin O’Leary: Game Changers Summit 2022 Featured Speaker

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Some know him as Kevin. Some know him as Mr. Wonderful. But everyone knows him as the tough-as-nails entrepreneur who turned the business world upside down.

Meet Kevin O’Leary, legendary businessman, author, and television personality. If you’ve ever picked up a remote control, there’s a good chance you’ve seen his face on the incredibly popular show Shark Tank, where hopeful business owners present their products or services to a panel of esteemed entrepreneurs who may or may not invest.

Thanks to his abrasive and caustic manner, he was ironically dubbed Mr. Wonderful. But long before Mr. Wonderful came to be, making and breaking others’ dreams, he was just Kevin, and he only had two things: a big idea and zero cash.

Humble Beginnings

As unbelievable as it may be, even Mr. O’Leary started at the bottom. Many of his investment lessons came from his mother, a skilled investor herself who admonished him to always save one-third of his paycheck, something she had done herself.

Though Mr. O’Leary once had aspirations of becoming a photographer, his stepfather advised him to attend business school instead. He eventually graduated with an MBA in entrepreneurship from the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario — and thus began his entrepreneurial journey.

Mr. O’Leary made his way onto television, quickly becoming a household name. He was featured on a number of shows, including Discovery’s Project Earth, CBC’s Dragons’ Den, and finally, ABC’s Shark Tank.

His no-nonsense style and high standards earned him a notable reputation from the beginning.

As he once told a contestant on Shark Tank, “Money doesn’t care. Your tears don’t add any value.”

What Will Mr. Wonderful Bring to the Game Changers Summit Stage?

The perfect addition to the Game Changers Summit 2022 lineup, Mr. O’Leary is sure to captivate and transform a stadium full of tenacious, hungry law firm owners with his tell-it-like-it-is attitude. He’ll teach fellow game changers:

  • The importance of making tough but necessary decisions
  • How to smell out a life-changing opportunity and seize it before anyone else has the chance
  • Understand that success is a marathon, not a sprint
  • How to be ruthlessly honest while remaining true to yourself

Your law firm is a business — and you’re its CEO. At this transformational event, you’ll be focused on becoming the leader you need to be, learning the business skills they didn’t teach you in law school, and rev up your sense of competition. Mr. Wonderful is the man to show you how.

If you’re ready to start making decisions for yourself, revamp your team, and do whatever it takes to make sure your firm is successful, then you can’t miss out on this elite speaker at the Summit.

Mr. O’Leary’s story of success is one that, after you hear it, will prepare you for the cutthroat world of owning a business and refusing to stop until you’ve reached your goals.

About the Game Changers Summit 2022

If you’re a law firm owner but haven’t attended the Game Changers Summit yet — then are you serious about your goals?

The Game Changers Summit 2022 is the largest law firm growth conference on earth, and if you’re hungry enough to dominate your market, we’ll see you at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA on November 2-3, 2022.

Prepare to:

  • Engage with larger-than-life speakers like Mr. O’Leary and so many more
  • Network with thousands of like-minded law firm owners
  • Learn invaluable pieces of information that you won’t find in business books or industry journals
  • Adopt comprehensive strategies that you can bring back to your firm, ready to implement them immediately
  • Leave the jam-packed two-day event feeling “invigorated,” “energized,” and “inspired.”

…and that’s just the beginning.

If you’re an attorney who is engaged in the business of your law firm and wants to grow as a visionary leader, empower your team, and get your firm to the next level…then the Game Changers Summit 2022 is waiting for you.